″If we didn’t have Gérard Lopez as an investor in Boavista SAD, it would be difficult to have the door open″

Victor Murta, president of Boavista Photography: José Carmo / Global Images Manuel Casaca January 14, 2022 at 20:01 Topics Vítor Murta was elected this Friday for another three years as president of Boavista. The only candidate for the elections that took place at Estádio do Bessa, the checkered leader projected the next term, while analyzing … Read more

Naufal Samudra Arrested, Here’s Dinda Kirana’s Sad Confession: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Naufal Samudra, lover of Dinda Kirana, was arrested by the police for possession of narcotics. According to Dinda, in her upload, the incident occurred after Friday prayers, December 7, 2021. It is known that Dinda was at the scene when her lover was arrested by the Directorate of Drug Investigation of the Polda … Read more

FAMOUS ALBUM: Duran Duran Brought Color And Optimism To The Gray And Sad Britain Of The 1980s On “Rio”

After the Christmas break, the cycle of articles Famous Albums, linked to the BBC television show of the same name, returns. This time we will grind into 1982 and look behind the scenes of the album “Rio”, the second studio recording of the British Duran Duran. How did it affect the following decades in music? … Read more

Sad News, Comedian Jimmy Gideon Dies at 58 Years Old : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Sad news has returned to the world of entertainment in the country. Comedian Abdul Aziz aka Jimmy Gideon died at the age of 58 years on Sunday, December 26, 2021. The sad news was shared by the deceased’s professional colleague, Derry Sudarisman. He announced the death of his best friend via Instagram. READ ALSO: … Read more

Is it common to be sad at the end of the year parties? psychiatrists explain

With the end of the year, there is also a time for changes in daily life and a break from routine. For many children and adults, Natal e ain New they are dates expected throughout the year, opportunities to get together with loved ones and celebrate with moments of great joy. For other people, however, … Read more

Adele, Taylor Swift… Why do we love listening to sad songs so much? Science has the answer

Listening to sad music makes us feel better, according to several scientific and mental health studies. CContrary to what one might think, listening to sad music does not make us worse than what we already are – even if we tend to consume excessively during a bad time, such as after a breakup . According … Read more

Taylor Swift veröffentlicht neue „All Too Well“-Version: „Sad Girl Autumn“

Taylor Swift veröffentlicht neue „All Too Well“-Version: „Sad Girl Autumn“ Taylor Swift bei Saturday Night Life. Foto: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, NBC. All rights reserved. Taylor Swift has released a new version of their single “All Too Well”. It’s called “Sad Girl Autumn”. The re-interpretation was recorded in Long Pond Studios with the … Read more

Sad, Anya Geraldine lies weak in the hospital : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Celebrity and actress Anya Geraldine suddenly shocked netizens on social media. Through Instagram, Anya uploaded a portrait of her lying weakly in a hospital bed (RS). Anya said she even had to undergo surgery to treat her illness. “Wish me luck. I thought it was just a mild illness, it was always forced … Read more