Apple and Gafams, new safe havens for investors

Apple CEO Tim Cook during a presentation at the company’s headquarters in Cuppertino, Calif. On September 14, 2021. HANDOUT / AFP In August 2018, the unimaginable was reached: Apple, the firm founded by Steve Jobs, crossed the $ 1 trillion market capitalization mark. The case seems trivial today, and on this first trading day of … Read more

Blue Origin: Employees don’t feel safe inside the missiles

Jeff Bezos (left) was present at the Blue Origin (right) launch of the New Shepard rocket in July.Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters; Blue Origin Twenty-one employees of the space company Blue Origin published a joint letter on Thursday in which they gave their opinion on the working conditions and the company. Some employees admitted they would not fly … Read more

Criticism of Dexter: New Blood 1×04: H for hero; Iron Lake is not as safe as it seems

Dexter: New Blood approaches its equator with the fourth episode, where the open plots begin to get much more complicated. It is Monday, and as in the last 4 weeks we return to Iron Lake, New York to meet again with Jim Lindsay, or rather… Dexter Morgan. The fourth episode of Dexter: New Blood, the … Read more

NASA continues investigating reason Hubble Space Telescope Instruments are in Safe Mode

Greenbelt, MD – NASA is continuing work to resolve an issue that has suspended science operations on the Hubble Space Telescope. The science instruments entered a safe mode configuration on October 25th, 2021 after detecting a loss of specific data synchronization messages. The Hubble team is focusing its efforts to isolate the problem on hardware … Read more

Hubble Enters Safe Mode Once Again

This beautiful image features spiral galaxy NGC 2903. This image was captured using Hubble’s Advanced Search Camera (ACS) and Wide-Field Camera 3 (WFC3), which were installed in Hubble in 2002 and 2009, respectively. Interestingly, Hubble also observed this particular galaxy earlier, in 2001, when neither ACS nor WFC3 were still installed. The 2021 image has … Read more

A Hispanic Woman Delivers A Help Message To A Store Cashier And Is Rescued And Safe | Univision News Events

A Hispanic woman walked into a Food Lion store in Clover, South Carolina last week and she sent the cashier who attended her a note asking for help, in which he said that the man he was with wanted to harm him, authorities reported. According to a communication from the York County Sheriff’s Office, the … Read more

William Shatner Blue Origin Spaceflight Finally To Take Off! Is It Really Safe for Old People To Visit Space?

William Shatner’s Blue Origin spaceflight was recently delayed because of the forecasted winds near its West Texas launch site. (Photo : Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)Actor William Shatner speaks during the opening of the new Rocket Lab factory on October 12, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. The new building includes a new Mission Control Centre, … Read more

MLB: Miguel Cabrera And Albert Pujols Are Not ‘safe For The Hall Of Fame’, According To Juan Vené

Perhaps the two largest and best-numbered active players in all MLB they are without a doubt the Latin Americans Miguel Cabrera and Albert Pujols, who in the book of many, have your guaranteed ticket to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame when they are eligible, and that is perhaps something that is already taken for granted … Read more

The Russian film crew safe and sound at the International Space Station

The mission of the Russian MS-19 ship, Soyuz, which is unique in its own way, began on Tuesday, October 5, with the launch of the Soyuz space rocket at 2.1 a.m. 10.55 Polish time from the Bajkonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The crew capsule includes the aforementioned three-person cast – with two filmmakers on board. They … Read more