“In the port of Los Angeles, there are sailors who wait”

Container ships on standby off Los Angeles on October 1, 2021. ALAN DEVALL / REUTERS Losses and profits. The satellite images are striking. Normally, when the hive is functioning well, freighters crowd in tight rows towards the entrance to the adjoining ports of Los Angeles (LA) and Long Beach, disembarking their goods and leaving just … Read more

Chez Jymm et Marlène, the bistro of the sailors of Saint-Mammès

By Clara Georges Posted today at 12:42 am, updated at 5:13 am Reserved for our subscribers ReportageIn roadsteads! 6 | 6. Since 2019, photographer Guillaume Blot has been scouring the bistros of France. When the cafes reopened, “Le Monde” accompanied him to six of them. This week, the Maeva, in Seine-et-Marne, frequented for a long … Read more