Jazz at Villa-Lobos Park, art at Ibirapuera and concerts in São Paulo

short Music Non Stop no Facebook On the last weekend of June, the highlights are the free daytime events, ideal for celebrating autumn with friends and family. Enjoy! São Paulo is full of options on the weekend. Find out everything here at Super Guia Music Non Stop. By Jota Wagner, Amanda Sousa e Yasmine Evaristo. … Read more

Elon Musk (sporting some very bizarre facial hair) meets Brazilian president Bolsonaro in Sao Paulo

Elon Musk was in Brazil on Friday to meet President Jair Bolsonaro and discuss improving internet connectivity in the Amazon – the day after it emerged Musk’s SpaceX company paid a $250,000 settlement to silence an employee who accused the billionaire of sexual harassment. Musk described the allegations, which date back to a 2016 encounter … Read more

Musical that tells the story of the diva Tina Turner arrives in São Paulo

short Music Non Stop no Facebook For sixty years, a black singer has enchanted the world with attitude and a great voice. She was already considered the “queen of rock’n’roll”, despite having her career immersed in soul music, Tina Turner is the artist who has sold the most concert tickets in the history of music, … Read more

We interviewed Funk Como Le Gusta, which returns to the stage in São Paulo

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The year is 1998, I was studying at college and studying hard to not lose the scholarship, there were parties, college is always a wonderfully busy time, and then one day, someone from the crowd suggested we go see a friend play and we went, with no great pretensions … Read more

PSD says that Duarte Caldeira did not defend “all the people who provide services” at the Junta de São Martinho — DNOTICIAS.PT

In response to the PS’s complaint about “lack of payment of subsidies to POT participants in the Junta de São Martinho”, the current executive chaired by the Social Democrat Marco Gonçalves sent a clarification to the media. “When handing over the portfolio, the former President, Eng. Duarte Caldeira, conveyed that the payment of remuneration had … Read more

Som de São Paulo rescues characters and places from music in SP

short Music Non Stop no Facebook São Paulo already had its Chelsea Hotel. There was also a theater, which later became a publisher, which later became a record label and then the great epicenter of the São Paulo avant-garde of music, through which minds such as Arrigo Barnabas. The biggest Brazilian glam band, by the … Read more