the beautiful gesture of Kita, the satisfaction of Kombouaré and Pallois

Zapping But! Football Club FC Nantes: the 10 biggest sales of the Canaries Of course, this is part of the ways and customs. Not a reason, however, not to point it out. FC Nantes has therefore indeed left the recipe for the match of the 16th finals of the Coupe de France against Vitré. If … Read more

Bundestag election: late satisfaction for Armin Laschet

Ein comparison with Alemannia Aachen is tricky. Armin Laschet, as a football connoisseur and FC Bayern fan, should know that. Alemannia has not played in the Bundesliga for a long time, but much further down, in the Regionalliga West, and is currently in 16th place. Nevertheless, Laschet said loudly into the microphone on Saturday lunchtime: … Read more

Does too much free time make you unhappy? Study examines satisfaction

To be able to switch off, you need free time. During this time you can pursue your own interests and really do what you want yourself. Many people, especially those who work full-time, usually have little free time, but want more. But would more free time really make you happier? Researchers from the USA investigated … Read more

Miguel Herrera Knows That The Tigres Fans Are Upset, But Will End Up Giving Them Satisfaction

Miguel Herrera accepts that the results of Tigres generate discomfort in the fans, but promised to give them satisfaction at the end of the tournament Miguel Herrera assured that he is responsible for the level of play that he has shown Tigers in the Opening 2021, of which he knows people are upset, but he … Read more