BLITZ – Tó Trips, from Dead Combo, performed on Saturday in Paredes de Coura. And he was applauded on the day his friend Pedro Gonçalves died

Tó Trips, guitarist of Dead Combo, was one of the artists who played yesterday at the Courage event, which took place in the Minho village of Paredes de Coura, organized by the promoter responsible for the Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival. Aware that Tó Trips had just lost his friend and bandmate, Pedro Gonçalves, who … Read more

France extends the suspension of flights from southern Africa until Saturday

Clément Beaune, October 12, 2021, in Budapest, Hungary. FERENC ISZA / AFP In order to counter the spread of the Omicron variant, which appeared in South Africa, France has decided to extend until Saturday the suspension of flights from seven southern African countries, decreed last Friday, announced Clément Beaune on Wednesday 1is December on RTL. … Read more

Inflation: This price turnaround promises a delicate scenario for Germany

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Where 2G and 2G plus applies from Saturday

Berlin – New corona measures are coming to Berliners. The Senate expanded the 2G rule on Tuesday. 2G means: only vaccinated and convalescent have access (2G). With 2G plus, vaccinated and convalescent people also need a mask. Where a mask is impractical, it should be a negative test. Children under the age of 18 are … Read more

A Film Concert This Saturday In Alcorcón |

The Madrid Concertante Orchestra (OCM), which interprets the soundtrack of the best films, arrives at the Buero Vallejo. A film concert this Saturday in Alcorcón The Concertante Orchestra of Madrid will play in Alcorcón next Saturday, November 13. It’s about a solidarity event, organized by the hand of the Heart-healthy Association of Madrid Sur (ACARMAS). … Read more

out next Saturday with Diletta Leotta on the cover

The great return of Postalmarket. From next Saturday, 23 October 2021, the historical catalog will be back on newsstands, with Diletta Leotta protagonist of the first, new cover. Read also> Icardi-Wanda, Eugenia vents on Instagram revealing the lies: “He told me they were separated, he deceived me” The historical catalog Postalmarket will present 180 all-Italian … Read more

Traditional hunts deemed illegal by the Council of State will again be possible from Saturday

Four decrees published on October 15 re-authorize the trapping of crested lapwings (photo), skylarks, golden plovers, thrushes and blackbirds. MICHAELA WALCH/IMAGEBROKER / PHOTONONSTOP New orders and new appeals. The battle continues between the government and the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) over traditional hunts. Friday, October 15, four ministerial orders re-authorizing the trapping … Read more

opponents mobilize for the thirteenth consecutive Saturday

Demonstrators opposed to the health pass continue to gather for this new Saturday. For several weeks, mobilization has weakened across France. Article written by Posted the 09/10/2021 18:28 Update the 09/10/2021 20:19 Reading time : 1 min. A few thousand anti-health pass demonstrators once again marched in the streets of several cities in France this … Read more