“I think I have them, no one is saved”

Who has never thought of having the “Horn“? Everyone, in at least one relationship, has had the feeling or certainty that we have been traditi or at least we thought it in a moment of extreme jealousy. And even one of the most beautiful women on the Italian scene is not exempt from this doubt. … Read more

“The Boy Who Saved Christmas”: 10 Movies You Must See If You Liked “A Boy Called Christmas”

The Christmas It is one of the most anticipated holidays by children and adults, as it is the perfect excuse to reunite the family and, if possible, exchange gifts. Although the official date is December 25, those who carry the Christmas spirit inside have a whole ritual of celebration that begins earlier. MORE INFORMATION: The … Read more

The man who was saved from death hours before being executed with the lethal injection

Drafting BBC News World Three hours Image source, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Caption, Julius Jones keeps saying he’s innocent A few hours before Julius Jones, a black prisoner accused of murder, was executed in Oklahoma, United States, a decision saved him in extremis. The execution of Jones by lethal injection It was scheduled for 4:00 … Read more

Viral Moments of the Gala Sky Ardiansyah Saved from Accident, Netizens: Hug Gala : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Gala Sky Ardiansyah survived the accident that killed his parents, Vanessa Angel and Aunt Ardiansyah. Even Gala herself was not seriously injured. Recently circulated that a video showing Gala was rescued and immediately evacuated by local residents, and a car driver who happened to be passing the crime scene (TKP). READ ALSO: – The … Read more

“SHE IS REAL, I LOVE HER”. Rafael Amaya Presents The ‘love Of Her Life’ And The One Who Saved Her From Her Addictions; No One Would Have Thought (VIDEO)

Rafael Amaya talks about his greatest love He affirms that thanks to her he found the stability that he always wanted He talks about his health and participation in the series ‘Malverde: The Patron Saint’ “I adore her, she is very real and authentic.” The actor Mexican Rafael Amaya surprised through social networks by revealing … Read more

What Happened To Hannes Thor Halldorsson, The Icelandic Goalkeeper Who Saved Messi From A Penalty In Russia 2018?

Does the name of a certain Hannes Thor Halldorsson? Surely yes, if you are a soccer fan and have a very good memory. It is about an Icelandic goalkeeper who stole searchlights during the Russia World Cup 2018 because he stopped a criminal Lionel Messi. Have passed more than 3 years since that feat, that … Read more

Steve McQueen’s Infidelity Saved His Life In 1969 When Sharon Tate Was Killed

One of the most notable faces and screen appearances of all time in Hollywood, Steve McQueen escaped murder by the followers of Charles Manson because he “ran into a chick.” Born María Ruby Neilam Arrastia y Salvador in the capital of the Philippines, Neile Adams arrived in America in 1948 after spending three years in … Read more

what remains to be saved

A gorilla in Odzala-Kokoua National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo. NICOLAS DELOCHE/GODONG/PHOTONONSTOP A few weeks before the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, the eyes of environmental defenders are focused on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The government has announced the imminent lifting of the moratorium on the allocation of new forest … Read more

“WandaVision”: Paul Bettany, The Actor Whose Career “was Over” … Until He Was ‘saved’ By Marvel

According to the criteria of Know more Clarification: This article was first published on January 24, 2021. It was updated following the announcement of the 2021 Emmy. After the premiere of “WandaVision”, Paul Bettany marked a milestone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: to be the first performer to have participated in the three decades of … Read more