Politicians are tackling the issue of fees on retirement savings plans

“We have a challenge in front of us, it is the rise of the discourse on the expenses in terms of retirement savings plan”, confided mid-September Bernard Le Bras, chairman of the board of Suravenir, in front of an assembly of journalists. The insurer had obviously felt the tide, after the publication during the summer … Read more

Retirement savings plan: pay attention to the fees charged!

The saver must exercise the greatest caution when it comes to charges taken from his retirement savings plan. INGRAM / PHOTONONSTOP The retirement savings plan (PER) is a long-term savings product, so that with such an investment horizon, the costs play a considerable role. A little simple calculation is enough to be convinced. Suppose a … Read more

Retirement savings take off

ANNE-MARGOT RAMSTEIN The retirement savings plan (PER) was created on 1is October 2019 within the framework of the Pacte law (Action plan for the growth and transformation of businesses). Its vocation: to replace all other retirement savings schemes, whether individual – popular retirement savings plan (PERP) and Madelin – or collective – collective retirement savings … Read more

Does the retirement savings plan overshadow life insurance?

Nearly 4 million French people have subscribed to a new retirement savings plan DUEL/CULTURA / PHOTONONSTOP Life insurance has been facing new competition for two years, with the appearance of the retirement savings plan (PER) which also takes the form of life insurance. With 3.8 million subscribers in two years, the PER is a great … Read more

IRS tables. The higher the salary, the greater the savings

The higher the salary, the more you will earn at the end of the month with the changes to the IRS tables proposed by the Government in next year’s State Budget. At issue is the change of nine, instead of the seven tiers existing so far. Savings are more fattening for those who are married … Read more

From Mark Zuckerberg To Bill Gates: Billionaires’ Most Unexpected Savings Tips

There are people who became famous for their success in their businesses or their work or for creations that changed the course of time and that from then on they generated important fortunes. But, as the note on the site Dinero en Imagen says, what is not known about them are their strange habits so … Read more