HOLD Printable steak, insect protein, fungus among NASA space food idea winners

A 3D-printed steak, which could provide food for astronauts on long missions, is cooked by Aleph Farms in February. Photo courtesy of Aleph Farms ORLANDO, Fla. Oct. 22 (UPI) – NASA has chosen 18 companies to continue developing space food that astronauts could eat on long-term, Deep Space missions to Mars or other planets, such … Read more

Get kids hooked on science, NASA’s Farah Alibay tells Quebec at C2

Breadcrumb Trail Links Technology Space Science Local News Aerospace Scientists are the new rock stars and Quebec would be smart to turn children on to careers in scientific fields. Author of the article: Frédéric Tomesco NASA systems engineer Farah Alibay speaks at C2 Montreal on Wednesday October 20, 2021. Photo by Pierre Obendrauf /Montreal Gazette … Read more

NASA Told to Pick Second Company to Build Moon Lander

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been told by the Senate to pick a second company to build the moon lander that will be used for the space agency’s Artemis program. NASA initially decided to award the contract only to SpaceX despite being expected to pick out two of the three companies that … Read more

Science & Technology Article Explains Why Astronauts Are Vulnerable to Depression

BEIJING, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Space travel and exploration is bound to become more common in the future, and astronauts will most certainly have to spend more time in space during missions. By now, it is well established that prolonged exposure to the harsh conditions of space environments is harmful to the mind and body. … Read more

Inside the Experiment to Create Mars on Earth | Science

Photographs by Cassandra Klos Text by Jennie Rothenberg Gritz When Cassandra Klos was growing up in rural New Hampshire, it was easy to see the stars. She traced the constellations with her finger and imagined how it would feel to travel among them. As a college art student, she launched a photo project about Betty and … Read more

Long bouts of space travel may harm astronauts’ brains

Prolonged stays in space appear to damage astronauts’ brains, a small, new study suggests. The researchers studied five Russian cosmonauts, mean age 49, who stayed on the International Space Station for an average of 5.5 months. Blood samples were taken from the cosmonauts 20 days before their departure to the ISS, and one day, one … Read more

Dozens of asteroids will pass close to Earth in the next few days (one the size of a large skyscraper) | Univision Science News

According to the forecast of the Center, two of them spent this Saturday near our planet and in the next few days others will follow. Another two are expected for this Sunday: asteroids 2021 TJ12 and 2021 TH13, between 55 and 124 feet (17 and 38 meters) and between 20 and 46 feet (6.2 and … Read more

Science Fiction, Space And Robots In These Disney + Movies

Beyond the classics or the best movies in history, we collect science fiction movies on Disney Plus that cover all possible types, genres, audiences. From classic sagas like Alien or Star Wars to Marvel movies or blockbusters like Avatar but also other less known and original and exclusive to the platform if you are looking … Read more

Five Things to Know About NASA’s Lunar Rover ‘VIPER’ | Science

Wrynzel spider Daily Correspondent The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover dubbed VIPER is headed to the moon’s south pole in late 2023 to search for resources that could sustain future human settlements in space. The NASA rover will travel to areas of the lunar surface that have never seen sunlight to map and analyze concentrations … Read more

NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List # 971 15 October 2021 (Space Life Science Research Results)

NASA Spaceline Current Awareness List # 971 15 October 2021 (Space Life Science Research Results) Status Report From: Spaceline Posted: Friday, October 15, 2021 Papers deriving from NASA support: 1 Manian V, Orozco-Sandoval J, Diaz-Martinez V. An integrative network science and artificial intelligence drug repurposing approach for muscle atrophy in spaceflight microgravity. Front Cell Dev … Read more