After Squid Game, Netflix throws the trailer for its Korean sci-fi series

After the series Squid Game and Hellbound, Netflix unveils the first trailer for its new South Korean series: The Silent Sea. Between the surprise success of the dystopian series Squid Game and the recent release of the director’s new creation of Last train to Busan, the not uninteresting series Hellbound, Netflix continues to capitalize on … Read more

These two Squid Game actors star in this highly anticipated sci-fi series

After finishing the magnificent series Arcane and despite all the promising novelties, such as the director’s series of Last train to Busan, are you afraid you won’t find what you are looking for on Netflix by the end of the year? Well rest assured, this futuristic new South Korean production might just grab you. If … Read more

Sci-Fi mystery “The Silent Sea” could be the next Netflix hit ·

Netflix wants to break records even after “Squid Game”. Now the streaming service has announced the next South Korean series with “The Silent Sea”. In the Netflix mega-hit “Squid Game” he only had a tiny, but not unimportant role. Zombie fans must have frowned at the sight of him. Yes, you already know Gong Yoo … Read more

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Why Is Dune a Sci-Fi Movie With No Computers? Let’s Explain

The newest cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune has taken the world by storm, with a sequel delving into the second half of the book already greenlit. The first part told in this film is already vast in scope and world-building, with director Denis Villeneuve crafting a unique glimpse into a whole new universe that … Read more

Criticism of Infinite, the new sci-fi movie starring Mark Wahlberg

Review of Infinite, the new science fiction film directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Eijofor and Sophie Cookson. Premiere on Prime Video on October 22, 2021. Fresh out of the oven, we need to talk about Infinite, a film originally intended for commercial theaters that has ended up being released, through the … Read more

NASA video hypes future of space travel: Sci-fi skydiving, kayaking

Ever dream of taking a vacation somewhere really, really far away — just really checking out of reality? Well, NASA wants that for you, too, evidently. The exploratory space agency has released a promotional video by the fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau, which hopes to see its clients blast off to way-faraway lands (or gaseous planets). … Read more

5 sci-fi concepts that are possible (in theory)

Science fiction novels and movies are packed with far-out ideas, most often as the springboard for an action-packed adventure rather than a serious attempt to predict future trends in science or technology. Some of the most common tropes, such as accelerating a spacecraft to fantastic speeds in a matter of seconds without crushing the occupants … Read more

Is ‘ET the Extraterrestrial’, Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi classic, a plagiarism? – Celebs.Cool

ET the Extra-Terrestrial is indisputably a timeless classic of science fiction that marked an entire generation when they were released in 1982. Steven Spielberg’s film mixed with great success various fantastic elements with a drama starring a group of young friends that they tried to protect at all costs a creature from space from possible … Read more

German TV adapts hit sci-fi novel in English – Celebs.Cool

It topped Germany’s list of bestselling novels for eight months, and to great local excitement Frank Schätzing’s science-fiction page-turner The swarm is being turned into an eight-part drama series for the German public service broadcaster ZDF. But in a first for the country, the primetime TV adaption will be filmed in English rather than German. … Read more