local politics, star of the big screen

Comedian Laurent Papot was hired by director Thomas Paulot to run for municipal elections in Revin (Ardennes) in 2020. SUMMERTIME – 2021 While the television channels are talking, from interviews to banners, on the search for sponsorship, the fluctuations of the polls or the calibrated movements of the candidates declared in the presidential election, it … Read more

Asus unveils the Zenbook 17 Fold, a promising foldable screen PC

The ambition of the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold, unveiled on January 5, is to shake up the design of laptops, whose ergonomics have changed little since the 1990s. To do this, it relies on an OLED screen (organic light-emitting diode, or organic light-emitting diode) of a new kind, flexible and bendable in half, just like … Read more

7 Deceased Actors Who Were Resurrected On Screen

Thanks to technological advances, the magic of cinema was able to “resurrect” several stars who could not finish their films. The magic of cinema that ability to recreate fictional realities and make viewers dream of other worlds, has existed since the first films were screened at the end of the 19th century. As the seventh … Read more

On the iPhone 13, the screen can finally be replaced by all repairers

A broken iPhone screen. NICOLAS SIX / THE WORLD Independent repairers are relieved that Apple should finally allow them to replace the iPhone 13’s screen without disabling Face ID, a key feature that allows users to unlock high-end iPhones by showing them their face. A software update must indeed come to solve this problem, as … Read more

Apple explains why the MacBook doesn’t have a touch screen or Face ID

After Apple presented the new MacBook M1 equipped with SoC Max and M1 Pro, many asked why Face ID technology was not put on the notch, as it is one of the most advanced systems for user identification. In addition, Apple could have taken the opportunity to put the screens of touch-sensitive Macs, something that … Read more

should you fall for its larger screen?

Atypical console, unique even, the Switch, from Nintendo, is still not the race for power. Admittedly, a 4K version might be in preparation for next year, but Nintendo formally denies it, because for the moment, its goal is to make you dream with the OLED Switch. Two out of three Where the Switch Lite said … Read more

Audrey Diwan Forces The Venice Film Festival To Witness An Abortion On Screen

Anamaria Vartolomei (left) and Audrey Diwan, before the presentation of ‘The event’.Domenico Stinellis / AP The Venice festival He has concentrated his heavyweights in the early days. And where there were divos there were spotlights, glamor and full rooms. Queues and anticipation, now, have diminished. And in the seats spread the fear that the contest … Read more

Android Automotive, cocoon effect and double L-shaped screen

The final version of the Renault Mégane E-TECH was introduced at the IAA Munich show. The opportunity for the French manufacturer to publish the complete technical sheet of this vehicle expected in February 2022. Source: Renault The day before the motor shows is always the opportunity for companies to reveal in preview their new products. … Read more