Blue Origin: 5 Facts About Jeff Bezos’ Secret Space Company

Elon Musk regularly draws attention to himself with his space company SpaceX. The public closely follows when a missile launches or a freighter crashes. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos works more covertly with his space program Blue Origin. But what he achieves with it is no less valuable. We dig up the five most important facts … Read more

Michele Morrone reveals secret for dealing with difficult days; Check out!

since starring 365 Days, to the life of Michele Morrone changed overnight. The star, however, was unfazed by the sudden fame and seized his momentum. The actor invested in his music career, recording his first studio album, became a manager and, in addition, leveraged his modeling career. With that, Michele became a reference in several … Read more

Cookie Hype Thanks to “Squid Game”: The Secret of the Netflix Death Cookies – Folks

So cute and so dangerous! In the Netflix hit “Squid Game”, the sugar cookies caused beads of sweat and fear of death. In the second children’s game in the series, the participants have to break different figures out of a sugar mass with a needle within ten minutes. The more complicated the figure, the harder … Read more

Sophia Latjuba Sexy in Corset, Netizens: Similar to Victoria’s Secret Model : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Sophia Latjuba is always in the spotlight. How not, at the age of 51 years, he still looks charming and youthful with his sexy body shape. Recently, Eva Celia’s mother showed off her beauty on Instagram. The owner of the real name Sophia Inggriani Latjuba looks like an angel in the photo. Not … Read more

Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” Recorded in Secret, Even Her Relatives Knew Nothing

Instagram Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift in the music video “Cardigan” from the new album “Folklore” MUSIC – Some have experienced more creative lockdowns than others. Taylor Swift took the opportunity to write and record her eighth studio album. The opus “Folklore”, put online by surprise on the night of this Thursday 23 to Friday 24 July, … Read more

Taylor Swift: her fans decipher her secret message on a new song!

Singer Taylor Swift panics the Web by revealing the six titles of the next songs from her re-recorded album Fearless! New buzz for singer Taylor Swift! For Easter, the star unveils an encrypted video on a new song and thrills the fans! Followed by thousands of fans on social networks, Taylor Swift never ceases to … Read more

YouTuberin was too suspicious of the “secret project” offered ·

That’s what you call bad luck: A YouTuber turned down a role offer and then later found out that it was for Netflix’s “Squid Game”. There has never been anything like this before in a South Korean production on Netflix: the survival thriller series “Squid Game” climbed to the top of the charts in 90 … Read more


C’MON SHEEPLE! THEY’RE TRYING TO COVER UP EARLY BIRD!!!! SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20th – SPREAD THE WORD!!! ON THE INTERWEBS:People, please drink heavily on the Friday before our Interwebs Early Bird Sale begins at midnight. This doesn’t benefit you in any way. It will benefit our mega-global-hyper-ultra-conglomerate overlords by giving them more money to spend on … Read more

The 2021 Goncourt Prize for Mohamed Mbougar Sarr and his novel “The Most Secret Memory of Men”

The Senegalese Mohamed Mbougar Sarr, 31, seduced the jurors with the novel “The Most Secret Memory of Men”. RICHARD BOUHET / AFP The Goncourt Prize was awarded to Mohamed Mbougar Sarr for The Most Secret Memory of Men (Philippe Rey / Jimsaan), Wednesday November 3. After a 2020 edition which rewarded Hervé Le Tellier (for … Read more