OM: the Super League, the owner states, his refusal to sell … McCourt without filter – football

Discreet in the media, Frank McCourt very often has split positions. The owner of Olympique de Marseille, who said he was against a Super League, spoke of the economic imbalance caused by the presence of states at the head of some European clubs. McCourt denounced the ownership states. Frank McCourt speaks too infrequently. But when … Read more

BlackSky makes a deal to sell satellite imagery to NASA

One of BlackSky’s Earth observation satellites is readied for launch. (Rocket Lab Photo) BlackSky Technology says it has secured a five-year, sole-source blanket purchase agreement with NASA for the use of high-revisit satellite imaging data in support of the space agency’s Earth observation research. The agreement announced today is part of NASA’s Commercial Smallsat Data … Read more

5 ways to sell more through WhatsApp messages

How to convince that customer who does not respond or who left the closing of the proposal halfway through? How to make that person who chose bank slip finally make the payment? In summary: how to talk on WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or any other direct message format in an irresistible way for your audience? There … Read more

Only tour operators and agencies can sell the “corridors”

The ministry of health clarifies the tourist corridors, stating that you can only move through tour operators and travel agencies. Let’s see what the ministry writes. When asked whether the purchase of a holiday from an organizer is binding, the ministry replies as follows: “Being the Covid free tourist corridors of the itineraries that involve … Read more

How to sell your home at the right price when the real estate market is slowing

Online valuation tools do not allow these details to be included in the valuation, which are not – the fact that the accommodation has pleasant views or suffers from vis-à-vis, that the setting is noisy or quiet, whether or not the volumes are clear, etc. WAVEBREAK MEDIA / PHOTONONSTOP After very dynamic months, the real … Read more

In the midst of the debate on the taxation of billionaires, Elon Musk agrees to sell 10% of his shares in Tesla

According to Bloomberg, Elon Musk – here in Wilmington, Del., On July 13, 2021 – as of June 30, owned about 17% of Tesla’s outstanding shares, which are currently worth $ 208.37 billion (over 180 billion euros). ). MATT ROURKE / AP He will follow the will of his followers. A majority of people following … Read more

The reason Haru Ria Ricis didn’t sell her old house after getting married : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The famous YouTuber, Ria Ricis, plans to live with her future husband in a new house. He said he would not sell his old house. “After getting married, Ricis joined my brother, of course, in his new home, brother TR (Teuku Ryan) not far from Ricis’s house. Still going home to work as … Read more

when the ex-wife refuses to sell

The fate of an “undivided” asset requires the unanimity of the “co-owners”. TIM MACPHERSON/CULTURA / PHOTONONSTOP A At the time of divorce, it happens that one of the ex-spouses wishes to sell the family home bought together and that the other opposes it. However, he needs his agreement, because the fate of an “undivided” asset … Read more

Bolloré ready to sell its logistics activities in Africa

A container ship moored at one of the docks of the port of Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), in 2012. BOTH KAMBOU / AFP Enough to cause an earthquake on the African continent if this operation goes to an end. According to corroborating sources, the Bolloré group is studying the sale of its logistics activities in Africa, … Read more