James Franco Reconsiders His Sexual Misconduct (and Is Saddened To No Longer See Seth Rogen)

James Franco returned to the accusations of sexual misconduct that appeared against him in 2018, as well as his relationship with his ex-friend Seth Rogen. After accusations of sexual misconduct or “misconduct” (literal translation of “misconduit”, original term) and of “grooming” (American term designating a process of creation of confidence to put a younger person … Read more

Seth Rogen Called “privileged” For Defending LA In Criminal Tweets – Marseille News

The star was relaxed about the auto crime cases in the city (Photo: Rex / Twitter / Sethrogen) Los Angeles’ Seth Rogen’s defense as’ lovely ‘after a YouTube star called her’ shit ‘following car break-ins generated backlash as social media users called it’ shit ‘ the “privileged” actor. Content creator Casey Neistat took to Twitter … Read more

How Did Seth Rogen Challenge The “cancellation Culture” With An American Pickle? – Spoiler Time

Although it premiered in the HBO Max American the August 6, 2020, one of the immediate delights of launching the platform WarnerMedia in our region it was, without a doubt, the recent film starring the charismatic Seth Rogen, An American Pickle. How do you achieve a “sporadic” director and the lines of the young prodigy … Read more