This is the Contents of Shandy Aulia’s Sad Confidence in the Middle of Divorce Issues: Okezone Celebrity

SHANDY Aulia vented bitterly in the midst of the issue of her divorce with David Herbowo. This 34-year-old artist wrote a confused sentence on Instagram. Shandy uploaded a black-and-white photo showing a dark room with two lights. In her vent, Shandy Aulia seemed to reveal things that had been heavy for her for the past … Read more

Acting Together, Shandy Aulia and Gading Marten Pray for a Match : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Shandy Aulia busying himself with work in the midst of the issue of his rift with David Herbowo. Recently, he often shares his activities on film shooting locations I Need Baby. In the film produced by MD Pictures, Shandy collided with the Citra Cup-winning actor, Gading Marten. From that project, the interaction between … Read more

Stuck in Financial Problems, Rieski Rucita is touched by Shandy William: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The passionate love story between Rieski Rucita and Shandy William FilmTV Premiere on GTV “Modus Ketar Ketir, Auto Nasir” today at 16.00 WIB is guaranteed to make hearts turn pink. We are certainly no stranger to the charming face of Rieski Rucita. There has been a long list of soap operas and films … Read more

Reported by Laura Aprilya, Shandy Aulia Relaxing with Hotman Paris: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Shandy Aulia seems relaxed about his feud with Laura Aprilya Bakkara. He was even reported back on charges of defamation by the woman who was said to have insulted her son. Don’t want to worry too much Shandy Aulia look relaxed with Hotman Paris with a tea together on the beach. This is known … Read more

Swimming Pool Filled With Gallon Water, Shandy Aulia Makes Boy William Annoyed : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Beautiful actress Shandy Aulia apparently has an interesting story when she went through the filming process first. The reason, Shandy asked the entire crew to drain the pool that will be used for the swimming scene. Worse, Shandy Aulia asked to replace the entire contents of the pool with gallon water. Shandy Aulia … Read more

Boy William Reveals Reasons He Thinks Shandy Aulia Is Annoying : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Boy William again presents the event that the audience has been waiting for, namely Nebeng Boy. This time Boy invited a famous actress from Indonesia, Shandy Aulia. Apparently, Boy has been friends for a long time with the woman born in 1987. Shandy also revealed that he likes to watch Boy’s shows on … Read more

Shandy Aulia’s reason for insulting the child, not for personal gain : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Shandy Aulia revealed the reason for sending a subpoena to Laura Aprilya Bakkara, a nurse from Manado, North Sulawesi. Shandy denied that he did it because his daughter, Claire Herbowo, was said to be malnourished. “I need to talk about this, so it’s not personal. I don’t feel hurt or sad, because I … Read more