Namibia comes to sell its sun in Europe to shape an industrial future

To not miss any African news, subscribe to the newsletter of “World Africa” from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of news and debates covered by the editorial staff of the “World Africa”. The Gobabeb research station, in the Namib desert, in June 2008. STR / AFP Namibia, a desert African … Read more

2022 goals | GOOD SHAPE

The year has already started, the parties have passed and now the trend is to reflect on what we want for this year and, thus, plan the 2022 goals. But calm down, it doesn’t have to be anything difficult or boring! Today I’m going to give you some tips on how you can reflect on … Read more

Get in shape with StrongWill, the fitness program from Will Smith and Fitbit – Celebs.Cool

As we know, Will Smith joined the Fitbit family and made his public commitment to improving his health and well-being. The legendary rapper and actor is creating and preparing for Fitbit Premium an exclusive collection of comprehensive health guides. Six endorphin-pumping workouts and mindfulness sessions are available from Will Smith’s StrongWill program. From routines that … Read more

“Behind the diplomatic activity triggered by the Aukus crisis is perhaps taking shape a major transatlantic turning point”

Emmanuel Macron speaks with Joe Biden during a NATO summit in Brussels, June 14, 2021. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AP Chronic. Make the crisis an opportunity. After utterly shouting out its anger over the way in which France was excluded from the negotiation on the US-Anglo-Australian Aukus defense agreement, Paris would now like to seize the … Read more

After PSG-OL (2-1) – OL’s notes: Paqueta’s recital, the abyssal void of Shaqiri, Lopes and Toko-Ekambi in good shape

Anthony Lopes : 6,5 The Lyon goalkeeper shone with all his brilliance in the first period, culminating in a decisive parade in front of Leo Messi (32nd). Saved by his bar on a free kick from the Argentinian (37th), he was inspired in his outings (6th, 39th, 45th + 3). Paradoxically, it was in a … Read more

Shape Memory Alloys for Aircraft Landing Noise Reduction

As air traffic is projected to increase dramatically over the next decade, reducing noise pollution becomes an even more necessary and demanding challenge. Decades of research have been dedicated to reducing the noise of an aircraft’s engine but have tended to neglect the noise caused by the airframe during landing. Recent research published in Journal of Aircraft … Read more

between posters and platform, the future campaign of Emmanuel Macron takes shape

The poster which will be displayed in ninety departments by the “Young people with Macron” (JAM). YOUNG PEOPLE WITH MACRON For the writer Philippe Besson, Emmanuel Macron is “A character from a novel”, of the title of the book published by Julliard in 2017, which describes the astonishing arrival at the Elysee Palace of the … Read more

Western University’s space dreams taking shape with simulation in Labrador – London

Western University‘s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration, known as Western Space, will be holding a two-week simulation in northern Labrador at the Mistastin Lake meteorite impact crater. Western Space director Gordon Osinski is leading the September expedition, which is meant to mirror a mission to the moon. Read more: ‘Now is the perfect time … Read more

in Nice, the Ineos project takes shape under the leadership of Christophe Galtier

Christophe Galtier, during the Lille-Nice match, Saturday August 14. FRANCOIS LO PRESTI v AFP In the space of fifty-seven seconds, they had already imposed their hold. So as not to let her go. After a first goal scored even before the minute of play, the Niçois scored three more, to win the final 4-0 against … Read more