William Shatner’s Biggest Roles, From ‘Star Trek’ To ‘Boston Legal’ E! News UK

William Shatner is without a doubt one of the most legendary actors of all time. A pop culture icon, Shatner has permeated Hollywood since the 1950s. With seven decades in the industry and countless movies and TV shows to his name, it’s hard to deny the influence Shatner has had on film and culture as … Read more

Shatner’s flight was ‘unbelievable.’ Expand opportunity to truly democratize space travel.

It’s hard not to pay attention to William Shatner going into space, at least for people like me. I am a Trekkie. As a young, Black girl, I hung onto Shatner’s every move as Captain Kirk. I indulged in the original “Star Trek” (and nearly every version that came after), fascinated by the possibilities of … Read more

William Shatner’s Blue Origin space trip delayed by weather

William Shatner’s much-anticipated trip to the edge of space will have to wait a day because high winds in west Texas prompted spaceflight company Blue Origin to postpone the voyage. Originally scheduled for Tuesday, the launch from the spaceport in Van Horn, Texas, will now take place at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Blue Origin said in … Read more

William Shatner’s Going to Space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket Ship

Decades after he last played the role, William Shatner‘s going to become a real-life Captain Kirk … because he’s going to space … on Jeff Bezos‘ rocket ship … TMZ has learned. Though he won’t be boldly going where no man’s gone before — because Bezos and his Blue Origin crew already did it — … Read more

William Shatner’s space launch on Blue Origin’s New Shepard: When to watch and what to know

Blue Origin’s next crewed space mission will see a “Star Trek” captain explore the strange new world of space for real. On Oct. 12, the company’s second crewed flight on its New Shepard spacecraft after flying founder Jeff Bezos in July will include starring passenger William Shatner, an actor best known for portraying Captain James … Read more