Radishes and grapes in the bus shelter, in the meeting room and in your lunch box – Give Color Door should make us eat more fruit and vegetables

The professional jury selected 39 nominees from all applications. Between December 13 and January 16, consumers can choose their favorites via the voting website. What have you been nominated for?Anne Marie Borgdorff: “We have been nominated with the Give Color campaign, an initiative of the National Action Plan for Fruit and Vegetables and the Food … Read more

Prince William remembers Lady Diana, during her visit to the shelter for the homeless: “You still inspire me”

“You still inspire me”, these are the words in memory of the mother Diana. The principe William he fondly reminded the homeless of his own first visit with Lady D. at the homeless shelter. The Duke of Cambridge, yesterday, recalled with love and tenderness his first visits to the charity for the homeless in central … Read more

Matt Damon puts his Pacific Palisades Japanese shelter up for sale – Celebs.Cool

If the operation goes well, Matt Damon will have made almost five million euros without doing anything. His Zen-style mansion in Pacific Palisades (California) is for sale for 17.2 million euros, a property he bought in 2015 for 12.3 million to turn it into a contemplative refuge in which to meditate, perhaps, if he will … Read more

Mars Is Bombarded With Radiation, But We May Have Just Found Natural Shelter

Mars is bombarded with radiation. Without a protective magnetic shield and a thick atmosphere like Earth’s, radiation from space has a nearly unimpeded path to the Martian surface. Our machines can roam around on the surface and face all that radiation with impunity. But not humans. For humans, all that radiation is a deadly hazard. … Read more

New Orleans prepares to shelter in front of Ida as it is too late for mandatory evacuations, says the mayor

Residents of the Louisiana coast on Saturday took one last day to prepare for Hurricane Ida, which has been described as potentially devastating. It is expected to bring winds of up to 140 miles per hour (225 kilometers per hour) when it makes landfall as a powerful Category 4 cyclone. By Saturday afternoon, Ida had … Read more

The Italian debut of Mama Shelter is in Rome. Next stops Turin and Milan

New course for the hotel industry in the capital with the opening of the first Italian Mama Shelter. It made its debut in Rome on July 1st, in the Prati district, near the Vatican and a few metro stops from the historic center. The well-known French brand, now part of the Accor group, which stands … Read more