Young man shot dead for asking man to wear a mask: the case that is shocking Germany

The murder of a fuel pump employee, shot dead by a client who refused to wear a mask, caused a commotion in Germany, where authorities unleashed further violence by opponents of measures to combat covid-19. The suspect, a 49-year-old man originally from the city of Idar-Oberstein (West), is currently in preventive detention and has told … Read more

Shocking Facts! Jonathan Frizzy Dhena Devanka Married Islamically : Okezone Celebrity

FROM In the midst of the news that Dhena Devanka’s divorce suit was filed to Jonathan Frizzy, the public was also curious about their wedding procession. They are known to be married with a blessing in the church, but in fact they are also called Islamic marriages. This surprising fact was conveyed by Dhena’s lawyer, … Read more

WHO deplores “shocking inequalities” in access to vaccines

To stay up to date on African news, subscribe to the “Monde Afrique” newsletter from this link. Every Saturday at 6 am, find a week of current events and debates treated by the editorial staff of “Monde Afrique”. Protest in Pretoria, South Africa on June 25, 2021. PHILL MAGAKOE / AFP The World Health Organization … Read more

The tragedy of the homeless, more shocking than ever on the Pacific coast of the United States

A homeless man seeks protection from the heat wave in a park in Portland, Oregon, August 13, 2021. NATHAN HOWARD / AFP At the end of the scorching day, Thursday, August 12, downtown Portland, Oregon, was deserted. There is no living soul in the streets, in 37 ° C, if not the homeless. In the … Read more

L214 broadcasts shocking images of a pig farm in Yonne

The pigsty targeted by L214 is an intensive breeding of 1,800 sows, three times the French average. L214 The association for the defense of animals L214 released, Thursday, August 19, new shocking images of abuse, this time in a pig farm in Yonne, and an unprecedented testimony, with his face uncovered, of a former employee … Read more

Scarlett Johansson Prepares A Shocking Revenge Against Disney

The situation between Scarlett Johansson and Disney is increasingly complex and could cause a commotion in the fans of the actress. Scarlett Johansson sued Disney for the mixed premiere of Black widow in rooms and Disney Plus. After that, the film studio reacted quite badly, with an aggressive statement and has also paralyzed all the … Read more

‘La Abuela’: Shocking Trailer For The Geriatric Horror Film By Paco Plaza And Carlos Vermut

The long-awaited new movie by Paco Plaza, ‘The grandmother‘, has shown its first trailer. The Valencian returns to terror after break records with ‘Veronica‘(2017) on Netflix, collaborating with Carlos Vermut, who signs the script for this new take on the genre of naked old men staring at you. It opens in Spain on October 22 … Read more

The Shocking Image Of Adamari López That Puzzled Fans

It is not his habit, which is why he revolutionized social networks. The Puerto Rican actress and television presenter very famous for participating in several soap operas Adamari Lopez, puzzled with his appearance. At 50 years old the driver of Telemundo He had no impediment to show himself and look natural. However, it puzzled fans. … Read more

The Irish singer-songwriter publishes her shocking autobiography “Remembranzas”

The conclusion drawn after reading Memories. Scenes from a complicated life (Kultrum Books) is that its author, Irish singer-songwriter and artist Sinéad O’Connor, is at least consistent with herself. In the preface to the much commented and peculiar autobiography, he acknowledges that “until about six months ago I have not been – what is said … Read more