Festivals suffer from a shortage of technical staff and encourage fans to get involved

It is no news that the almost two-year period of the pandemic had a major impact on the functioning of the cultural sector. Constant and recurring bans in various forms have decimated the budgets and morale of tens of thousands of people who take part in cultural events every year, led by music clubs and … Read more

Faced with the shortage, 31 tons of powdered milk land in the United States

The cargo of 31 tons of Nestlé milk powder is unloaded at Indianapolis airport, in the United States, on May 22, 2022. JON CHERRY/AFP A plane from Germany with more than 31 tons of boxes of baby milk powder intended for the American market, affected by a major shortage, landed on Sunday May 22 in … Read more

To revive its economy, Vietnam is trying to remedy a shortage of workers due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Workers leaving Ho Chi Minh City on October 7. BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES Strongly slowed down by the Delta variant wave this summer, the Vietnamese locomotive, one of the best performing economies of 2020 (2.9% growth), is looking to pick up speed. One of the new workshops in the world (with its textile factories, household … Read more

large retailers facing a staff shortage

COLCANOPA “We are short of fifty management positions and 130 employees, which is colossal, and, during the interviews, people start by talking about RTT, about their desire to have their Saturday. It’s ubiquitous. “ The observation of this regional director of a network of supermarkets is far from isolated. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many large-scale … Read more

Viasat Rejects Starlink’s Claim That Chip Shortage Is Delaying Coverage Estimates

The Starlink dish’s application processor as per Kenneth Keiter on YouTube. Image: Starlink Teardown: DISHY DESTROYED!/Kenneth Keiter on YouTube California-based communications service provider Viasat Inc has rejected claims made by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation’s (SpaceX) Starlink satellite internet subsidiary that a semiconductor shortage sits at the heart of Starlink’s inability to service a large number … Read more

Scarcity drives meat prices up – Meat giant Tyson sees profits double despite volume decline and meat shortage

US meat giant Tyson Foods’ revenue rose in its fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from July through September, by more than 10% to $12.8 billion. Profit even doubled (+103%) and rose to $1.358 billion. Tyson Foods owes the good benefits to the record high meat prices in the United States. Sales volumes downThe increase in … Read more

Food chain ends up in ‘perfect storm’ for longer period – High energy prices, rising raw material prices and labor shortage put pressure on margins in the food sector

Low gas supplies on the eve of winter are driving higher gas and electricity prices. Once the winter is over, ABN AMRO expects prices to fall, but normalization of prices is not expected to happen until after 2023. ABN AMRO expects a similar pattern for electricity prices. A decline as soon as the winter is … Read more

In Haiti, the giant fuel shortage, orchestrated by gangs, paralyzes the country

People push a Tap Tap public transport van that has run out of fuel in front of a closed gas station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on October 29, 2021. RICARDO ARDUENGO / AFP A fuel exhaustion on the scale of an entire country: for several weeks, Haiti has been paralyzed by a serious fuel shortage, which … Read more

what are these electronic chips, the shortage of which is disrupting the world economy?

Their production remains a complex process: it takes years of research and development to design, produce and market a range of semiconductors. Here, a “wafer” containing Intel’s Xeon Ice Lake processors. COURTESY OF INTEL CORP / VIA REUTERS Semiconductors are to electronics what petroleum is to industry: an essential, but often invisible, component found in … Read more

Apple forced to cut iPhone 13 production due to chip shortage

IPhone 13 models on display at an Apple store in Beijing on September 24, 2021. CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS / REUTERS Apple will not meet production targets for its new iPhone before the holidays, due to the global chip shortage, according to an article by Bloomberg, published Tuesday, October 12. The electronics giant had planned to … Read more