Despite labor shortages, professional immigration remains complicated

Adam Osman, Chadian by origin, poses in the workshop of the company where he works as a mechanic, in Bonnelles (Yvelines), in August 2018. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP It was to be the liberal counterpart of the safe turn. At the end of the parliamentary debate organized in October 2019 on immigration, at the … Read more

Shortages hamper German recovery

The Opel site in Eisenach is completely closed due to the shortage of semiconductors and until the end of the year. Here, August 28, 2019. MARTIN SCHUTT / AFP This is a disappointing sign for the recovery of the European economy: the German engine is picking up much slower than expected. Growth across the Rhine … Read more

K-pop Concerts May ‘shut Down’ Due To Semiconductor Shortages

After waiting almost two years for the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that K-pop groups will have to wait longer after the global semiconductor crisis was announced. © Provided by Telediario In Korea, glow sticks are widely used at concerts, as even these have become more expensive and difficult to come by due to scarcity. The … Read more

Overloaded maritime traffic, climate change, epidemic outbreaks… Shortages are well on the way to last

Container ships wait to unload their cargo at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles on September 20, 2021, near Los Angeles, California. MARIO TAMA / GETTY IMAGES VIA AFP The world economy has turned into the unpredictable. In Europe and the United States, consumption, helped by support plans, resumes over the course of … Read more

China suffers biggest electricity shortages in recent history

Near Beijing, September 28, 2021. TINGSHU WANG / REUTERS Streets plunged into darkness, stopped traffic lights, broken elevators in the north of the country, hundreds, if not thousands, of factories totally or partially closed in the south for several weeks, with their cohorts unemployed workers… China is currently experiencing one of the worst electricity shortages … Read more

“Drug shortages: what are the labs playing?” », On France 2: our health under the influence

Amoxicillin, massively produced in China, is one of the antibiotics widely prescribed in hospitals. SURVEY SUPPLEMENT / FRANCE TELEVISIONS FRANCE 2 – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 AT 10.55 p.m. – DOCUMENTARY “I cannot bear the idea that my husband died because there was a supply disruption”, Claudette hammers. Her husband, Michel, died suddenly in 2016, at … Read more