In Corsica, relations are strained between Simeoni and the prefect

Gilles Simeoni, President of the Corsican Executive Council. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP How far can the arm wrestling between the Community of Corsica and the government go? Two timid rallies organized on Saturday, December 4, in front of the prefectures of Ajaccio and Bastia reflect this rise in pressure from Femu a Corsica (“Let’s make … Read more

Gilles Simeoni snatches the absolute majority from the Collectivity of Corsica

Autonomist Gilles Simeoni celebrates his re-election at the head of the Collectivité de Corse, in Bastia, on June 27, 2021. PASCAL POCHARD-CASABIANCA / AFP The outgoing president, Gilles Simeoni (“Fà populu Inseme”), won the second round of the territorial elections in Corsica by strengthening his hegemonic position on the island assembly with 40.64%, which ensures … Read more

en Corse, la voie royale pour l’autonomiste Gilles Simeoni

Le président sortant de la Corse Gilles Simeoni vote le 20 juin 2021, dans le centre de Bastia. PAUL ORTOLI / LE MONDE Avec un taux de participation de 57,08 %, contrairement à la tendance nationale, le premier tour en Corse des élections territoriales a marqué la nette avance du président exécutif sortant, Gilles Simeoni … Read more