Darius Sinathrya Accompanies Donna Agnesia Who Is Sick, Netizens: So Romantic! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – It has been almost 15 years of marriage, the intimacy between Donna Agnesia and Darius Sinathrya seems to never fade. The two often show their love for each other in public, including on social media. Both Donna and Darius, both of them compactly show affection on their respective social media. Like Darius’s latest … Read more

Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia’s intimate relationship in bed, Netizen: Ideal husband: Okezone Celebrity

DARIUS Sinathrya always looks intimate with Donna Agnesia. One of them through a photo in bed together, when Donna was sleeping. In his photo upload on Instagram, Darius noticed the face of his wife who was fast asleep. Darius also seemed to give a face with a sweet smile when he looked at his wife’s … Read more