John Wolfhooker in the clip for “Singularity” struggles with his emotional self

Talented pigeons from John Wolfhooker are doing well. They are constantly moving forward, proving that they belong to the best that the Czech scene has to offer in this rank. They were newly drafted by the Warner Music label and they immediately released a new single “Singularity”. He returns to the roots of the group … Read more

Emmanuel Macron asks “forgiveness” from the harkis by recognizing their “singularity in the history of France”

Emmanuel Macron, during a tribute ceremony to the harkis, at the Elysee Palace, September 20, 2021. GONZALO FUENTES / AP There is this silence, heavy with meaning, which accompanies the entry of the Head of State into the village hall of the Elysee. A silence full of pain, mistrust, anger but also hope. A silence … Read more

1st sign of elusive ‘triangle singularity’ shows particles swapping identities in mid-flight

Physicists sifting through old particle accelerator data have found evidence of a highly-elusive, never-before-seen process: a so-called triangle singularity. First envisioned by Russian physicist Lev Landau in the 1950s, a triangle singularity refers to a rare subatomic process where particles exchange identities before flying away from each other. In this scenario, two particles — called … Read more