Siti Badriah’s struggles to get pregnant, barren scorn made her depression : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Dangdut singer Siti Badriah is currently happily expecting her first baby with her husband, Krisjiana Baharudin. Currently, Siti Badriah’s womb is entering the age of six months. Her happiness in being pregnant with her first child is very visible in her various Instagram social media posts. The singer of the song ‘Lagi Syantik’ … Read more

Siti Badriah Surprises Krisjiana Pregnant, The Ending Makes Warganet Cry Sobbing : Okezone Celebrity

SITES Badriah is finally the first child after waiting for 2 years. When she informed her husband, Krisjiana Baharudin, of this pregnancy, the singer of Lagi Syantik gave a sweet surprise. At first, the woman who is familiarly called Sibad woke her husband who was fast asleep on the bed. Then, he gave her an … Read more