Perseverance Mars rover figures out how devils and winds fill the Red Planet’s skies with dust

Large amounts of dust that help give the Red Planet Mars its butterscotch-pink sky is being blown into the atmosphere by whirling dust devils and occasional but powerful gusts of wind, NASA’s Perseverance rover has found. “The gust-driven lifting that Perseverance has detected in Lake crater are the first really definitive dust-lifting event that we’ve … Read more

NASA’s Rare Super Guppy Spotted in Colorado Skies

No, it’s not a flying whale. It’s a Super Guppy. A huge aircraft that can transport very large cargo and one was spotted flying through Colorado skies on Wednesday, December 8. Neighborhood websites south of Denver lit up with people asking “what was that huge low flying plane”? Responses included “the tail said NASA”, “looked like … Read more

Jersey Skies: NASA’s powerful space telescope is one step closer to liftoff

by Kevin D. Conod | For Jersey’s Best Mon., Sep. 13, 2021 Posted on September 13, 2021 by Hunter Hulbert – Community The much-anticipated launch of the James Webb Space Telescope has slipped again. NASA had tentatively set the launch date for Oct. 31. Earlier this year, the agency acknowledged that pandemic delays and technical … Read more

Jersey Skies: Mars missions cover new territory in search of life

Although Mars has faded from view, exploration on the red planet continues. NASA’s latest rover, Perseverance, carries on across the Martian surface while its helicopter, Ingenuity, hops around on its scouting missions. At the beginning of the month, Perseverance made its first attempt to collect a sample of the surface for study. Although the drilling … Read more

Gala Montes: This Is How The Actress From ” The Lord Of The Skies ” Looked When She Started On Television

The young Mexican actress Gala Montes, is winning over viewers with his recent starring role in the novel ”Designing your love” The 20-year-old artist, also known for her work in “The Lord of the Skies,” is no stranger to the cameras, as she has a broad artistic career that supports her. MORE INFORMATION: Gala Montes, … Read more

SpaceX, a Tesla for the skies

May 13th 2021 WHAT GOES up must come down. That was certainly true of bitcoin, a cryptocurrency enthusiastically endorsed by Elon Musk which surged in value in February after Tesla added $1.5bn-worth to its balance sheet. It plunged on May 12th after the carmaker stopped customers using bitcoin to buy its vehicles. Mr Musk worries … Read more

“The Lord Of The Skies”: What Other Series Has Robinson Díaz, Actor Who Plays ‘El Cabo’, Participated In

Robinson Diaz He is one of the most recognized and beloved actors in Colombia. The 55-year-old interpreter has a successful and extensive artistic career in which he has demonstrated his talent, professionalism and acting quality. He became known internationally thanks to his character as ‘El Cabo’ in “The Lord of the Skies”, which he has … Read more