Enrique Rocha, The Iconic Soap Opera Villain, Dies At 81

Mexican actor Enrique Rocha died this Sunday at the age of 81. He is remembered for his iconic roles as a villain on the small screen, which gained wide recognition thanks to his dark and thick voice, as well as his mysterious personality. Óscar Espejel, employee of the deceased actor, announced his death this Sunday … Read more

Wanda Nara puts an end to the soap opera, she announces a big decision!

Zapping But! Football Club Navas – Neuer: the duel in figures On Instagram, Wanda Nara, wife and agent of Mauro Icardi, announces that she has made a big decision … and that she is recovering with the PSG striker. “The photos I’ve uploaded over the past few months show how happy we were,” she posted. … Read more

Squid Game soap opera comes with local wisdom, netizens are furious: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Recently, a soap opera from a private Indonesian television station was seen carrying a Squid Game-like concept in one of its episodes. Because the elements are exactly the same and seem to be plagiarized, netizens were furious and criticized the soap opera. After more than a month showing on the streaming service Netflix, … Read more

Here are the soap operas, actors and actresses nominated for the 2021 Razor Awards: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Several soap operas that aired on RCTI are the leading soap operas in Indonesia. So it is appropriate if some of them become nominees at the 2021 Silet Awards event which will be held October 21, 2021 in the silent soap opera category, such as Amanah Wali 5, The Reversed World, Preman Pensiun … Read more

1 Year of Love Bond soap opera, more fun, not boring! : Okezone Celebrity

soap opera Ikatan Cinta has been present on the RCTI screen for 1 year to entertain the people of Indonesia. Even so, the funny stories and conflicts from the number one hit soap opera in the country never bore the loyal fans of Ikatan Cinta. Yes, the appearances of Amanda Manopo, Arya Saloka, Glenca Chysara, … Read more

My daughter: Beren Gokyildiz’s other hobbies | Kizim | All for my daughter | Turkish soap operas | nnda-nnlt | FAME

Beren Gokyildiz, the Turkish child star who is known worldwide for being the protagonist of “My daughter”, The Ottoman telenovela that set a record for ratings in Spain and other countries, says that he is passionate about other things besides acting. Attentive to the note. MORE INFORMATION: “A house for Azul”, the latest from Beren … Read more

Let’s Make a Video Reaction Favorite Soap opera, Get Millions of Rupiah by Joining Your Challenge! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Do you have a passion for acting? Often imitate your favorite scenes in front of the mirror? Well, don’t let only a mirror see your talent, try showing it in the competition from RCTI+. Your Challenge, a competition that can be an opportunity for you to be as uniquely unique as possible, only … Read more

Biography and Religion of Natasha Wilona, ​​Beautiful soap opera actress Verrel Bramasta’s former lover: Okezone Celebrity

Biography and religion of Natasha Wilona is often questioned by the public along with its popularity in the soap opera world. Curious right? Let’s see more! Natasha Wilona is one of the teenage artists who is quite talented and often appears on television or the big screen. It’s no wonder that Natasha Wilona’s biodata and … Read more

Wow! Oka Between Attacked by Mothers of Soap opera Fans Love Bond: Okezone Celebrity

OKA Between being a new player in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Acting as an antagonist, Oka Antara was even attacked by fans of the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. Yes, in the soap opera Ikatan Cinta which aired on RCTI, this 41-year-old man is known to play the role of Irvan Adicipta, who is the … Read more

Ariel NOAH’s Acting Becomes an Ad Star in a Flood of Praise, Netizens: Suitable to be a soap opera actor, Bond of Love: Okezone Celebrity

ARIEL NOAH shows off his acting skills. He tried the world of roles even if only as a commercial star. Ariel NOAH is currently an advertisement star for an Indonesian online motorcycle taxi company. On the Instagram page, Ariel NOAH shows a short video. Ariel looks worried because the order package has not arrived. Even … Read more