NASA’s James Webb Telescope is Set to Explore the Solar System And Unravel Its Mysteries!

The James Webb Space Telescope is ready to explore the solar system as it moves through the final phases of commissioning its science instruments and the beginning of the observatory’s technical operations as well. This telescope will wander through space, peering through distant stars, galaxies, and planets with extreme precision! (Photo : Bill Ingalls/NASA via … Read more

Mars lander losing power because of dust on solar panels

NASA is being forced to end its Mars lander mission early because of dust. Officials announced Tuesday the InSight spacecraft is slowly losing power because its two solar panels are covered in dust. Morever, the dust levels in the atmosphere are only increasing and sunlight is decreasing as Mars enters winter, which is speeding up … Read more

Dust-covered solar panels mean NASA Mars lander’s mission is ending

Due to a decreasing power supply, the mission will cease scientific operations by the end of late summer, said Kathya Zamora Garcia, InSight deputy project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, during a news conference Tuesday. InSight’s solar panels have been increasingly covered in red Martian dust, despite creative efforts by the … Read more

Thundertruck: the solar electric pickup that looks like it’s straight out of a Hollywood movie

PUB During the quarantine because of Covid-19, new hobbies, new projects and new companies were born. And it was during the quarantine that Wolfgang LA, a creative advertising agency based in Los Angeles, USA, began to idealize and design a solar electric pickup truck that looks like it came out of one of the Batman … Read more

10 Things to Watch for in Planetary Science for 2022 – NASA Solar System Exploration

Deploying a new space telescope; deflecting an asteroid with a spacecraft; and visiting a metal-rich asteroid. These items and more are on NASA’s 2022 calendar. The James Webb Space Telescope sits on top of its launch vehicle before being enclosed in the rocket fairing. Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn | More about this image 1. Webb Telescope … Read more

NASA’s Parker solar probe is the first to “touch” the Sun

Probe makes first capture of a solar storm 0:50 (CNN) — Sixty years after NASA set the goal, and three years after the launch of its Parker Solar Probe, the spacecraft has become the first to “touch the sun.” The Parker solar probe has successfully flown through the solar corona, or upper atmosphere, to sample … Read more

“I’m still solar” says Marcos Valle in an interview about life and career

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Write about Marcos Valle for this columnist who speaks to you it is something really exciting. This immense artist, active since the early 1960s, when he assembled a trio with Dori Caymmi e Edu Lobo, in constant renovation, attracts a young audience to this day and is a legend. … Read more

NASA Looks to Solar to Power New Generation of Spacecraft

The American space agency NASA recently launched its DART spacecraft to test a method to defend Earth against threatening asteroids. NASA says the DART mission is also testing several new technologies. One of them is a propulsion system that gets power from the sun. The technology is called solar electric propulsion. Since the system uses … Read more

The Solar System’s Largest Comet Sets Another Record

Astronomers at the University of Maryland have discovered that comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein is among the most distant active comets from the Sun, providing important information about its composition. The largest comet ever discovered became active much farther from the sun than previously believed, according to a new study by astronomers at the University of Maryland. Only … Read more

Space: A total solar eclipse will take place this WEEK – but will only be visible in Antarctica

This year’s only total solar eclipse will take place this week, but you may have some way to go to enjoy it — with the full event only visible from Antarctica, NASA said. Taking place on Saturday December 4, the eclipse will reach its greatest extent at around 07:33 GMT for viewers near the edge … Read more