here are the passionate kisses with her boyfriend Carlo Domingo

Soleil Rises was certainly one of the undisputed protagonists of the television season that is about to end. First experience of six months at Big Brother Vipthen judge at La Pupa and the Nerdy Show and, finally, the appearance at L’Isola dei Famosi 2022. A working success that has often been … Read more

Soleil and Manuel Bortuzzo, the frost falls between the two: the clash on social media

In the latest edition of Big Brother Vip they were two absolute protagonists. But even now, months after the end of the reality show, Soleil Rises e Manuel Bortuzzo they don’t stop talking about them. The Italian-American influencer after his participation as a judge at La Pupa and Secchione Show, left … Read more

“He has unscrupulous theories on life as a couple”

Alex Belli was disqualified by the Gf Vip after having evaded the anti-Covid regulations imposed by reality TV. The former of CentoVetrine, for better or for worse, was one of the protagonists of the Mediaset program conducted by Alfonso Signorini. The soap opera that sees as unique and undisputed performers Soleil Sorge, Delia Duran and … Read more

“Fake soap”. The decision on the nominations

Al Big Brother Vip Gianmaria Antinolfi takes sides against his ex Soleil Rises. Gianmaria Antinolfi he didn’t like the soap opera he saw during the last live show between worries, Alex Belli and his wife Delia Duran and believes that Soleil is not at all a victim of this situation: “Fake soap!”. Read also> Gf … Read more

“I leave the house” and heavy words fly

Alex Belli and will withdraw from the house del Big Brother Vip. The actor confessed everything to his special friend Soleil, with whom a very intimate and confidential relationship has been born in recent months. Soleil, however, seems to have not taken it well at all and would have let herself go even with heavy … Read more

“Why do they treat her differently? They have to stop it “

the women of Big Brother Vip they are on a war footing: they can’t stand it Soleil Rises and above all the way in which it is treated by production. “They have to stop you a little”, is the comment of the tenants who have decided to join forces against the influencer and let off … Read more

what’s going on under the covers?

Hot night the one just spent in the house of Big Brother Vip. Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge are more and more intimate. The two indulge in sweet cuddles under the blankets. Despite the various doubts raised between the two and Soleil’s statements to Biagio D’Anelli, the actor and the influencer have not given up … Read more

“The man I want is out.” Bad news for Alex Belli, that’s who Carlo Domingo is

Despite the statement by Alex Belli al Big Brother Vip, Soleil Arises he clarifies that he only has a feeling of friendship towards the actor. For the Italian-American influencer, the only true love is outside the home. It would be Carlo Domingo, a Sicilian entrepreneur who has shown up in recent weeks by sending her … Read more

“Should we feel guilty if we love each other?” But she changes her strategy

A new dispute occurred in the house of the Gf Vip seemed to have put an end to the liason Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. But it seemed, because the gieffini have already clarified, with a romantic “Do we have to feel guilty if we love each other?” Pronounced in the night under the duvet … Read more

Big Brother Vip, Soleil and Miriana fight over a curling iron: “I understand menopause …”

Sparks in the house of Big Brother Vip between Soleil e Miriana Trevisan. And all for a trivial curling irons. The showgirl was in the room resting and was suddenly awakened by the voice of theItalian-American influencer angry because the curling iron it was dirty. Read also> Gf Vip, hot massage between Soleil and Alex … Read more