Soleil and Manuel Bortuzzo, the frost falls between the two: the clash on social media

In the latest edition of Big Brother Vip they were two absolute protagonists. But even now, months after the end of the reality show, Soleil Rises e Manuel Bortuzzo they don’t stop talking about them. The Italian-American influencer after his participation as a judge at La Pupa and Secchione Show, left … Read more

Katia could leave the house, war between Delia and Soleil

Indiscretions hover in the house most spied on in Italy. First of all, Katia Ricciarelli, which tomorrow, January 18, will celebrate 76 years. In various situations, Pippo Baudo’s ex has made it known that he cares a lot to celebrate the event with his companions voyage. Then, however, it could to leave the game. To … Read more

GF Vip, Soleil in crisis after the entry of Delia. Kabir urges: “You have to admit the truth”

Chaos after the entrance by Delia Duran in House. The episode of yesterday evening, which ended with the entry of Alex Belli’s wife, threw him into a deep crisis Soleil Rises, your “enemy“. The contestant had a emotional breakdown before taking a long one chat with the wise Kabir Bedi who, with words sorry and … Read more

Ancora a fare post per Soleil

Grande Fratello Vip 2021/2022 La rabbia di Delia Duran in collegamento dalla quarantena: “Stai ancora a fare post su Soleil, quando io sono tre mesi che sto soffrendo a causa tua”. Attiva le notifiche per ricevere gli aggiornamenti su Grande Fratello Vip 2021/2022 La trentatreesima puntata del Grande Fratello Vip fa salire in cattedra il … Read more

the quarrel between Katia and Lulu has shaken everyone

The air of celebration for the arrival of the new year did not last long in the house of the Big Brother Vip. The holidays are not over yet, but the atmosphere inside the Cinecittà loft is anything but cheerful. There lite furiosa broke out between Lulu Selassié e Katia Ricciarelli, then also involved Soleil … Read more

Dayane Mello, the harsh words against Adua and affectionate dedication to Soleil

Dayane Mello come back to attack. The ex gieffina, protagonist of many diatribes that have seen her clash with “the ex” friend Rosalinda Cannavò, now returns to talk of his decision to chudere any kind of relationship with her. On Instagram, a fan asked Dayane Mello in what relationships was with the Of the Vesco … Read more

deadlocked Soleil and Basciano

Days of fire in the house after i new entries. While Biagio D’Anelli was immediately approached a Miriana Trevisan, Alessandro Basciano is getting closer and closer to Soleil Sorge. Although in the last hours between Biagio and Miriana there have been looks ed effusions, they managed to hold back passion and resisting the temptation to kiss. But … Read more

«Alex Belli and Soleil? All planned. But she is falling in love “

Samy Youssef talked about his experience at Big Brother Vip 2021, of the triangle composed of Alex Belli, Soleil Sorge and Delia Duran and its relationship with Jessica Selassiè. Guest at “It will never happen again ”by Giada di Miceli on Radio Radio, he said that with the princess there would be something under the … Read more

Big Brother Vip, Soleil and Miriana fight over a curling iron: “I understand menopause …”

Sparks in the house of Big Brother Vip between Soleil e Miriana Trevisan. And all for a trivial curling irons. The showgirl was in the room resting and was suddenly awakened by the voice of theItalian-American influencer angry because the curling iron it was dirty. Read also> Gf Vip, hot massage between Soleil and Alex … Read more

there is already a controversy with Soleil and Manila Nazzaro

A few hours from the entrance, have already taken Sparks between the new entries and the competitors at home. Last night, they entered the GF Vip Maria Monsè and Patrizia Pellegrino. The latter, a true Neapolitan, has already turned against it Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge, arguing that the first is fake and the second … Read more