is the digital deposit a solution?

COLCANOPA This is the point on which many candidate tenants in large cities come up against: finding a guarantor, invaluable support in obtaining accommodation. If the parental guarantee is preferred by the tenants, not all have the possibility of benefiting from the financial support of the parents. And the situation is particularly difficult for those … Read more

“Time is running out to find a solution respecting the commitment made in Brussels”

The logo of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS), the oldest still operating bank in the world, on the window of a branch in Rome city center, February 9, 2017. FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP Losses and profits. The Alitalia case barely settled with the flight, in mid-October, of the new company ITA Airways, Mario … Read more

EDF’s solution to repair the latest anomalies validated by ASN

The Flamanville EPR was initially scheduled to be commissioned in 2012. AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU The Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) ruled on Wednesday, October 20, « acceptable » the solution proposed by EDF to repair the latest problem to date on the site of the European pressurized nuclear reactor (EPR) in Flamanville (Manche), that of the so-called … Read more

Boosting your life insurance with investments in unlisted companies, is it a good solution?

Private equity allows savers to know exactly where their money is being invested. JULIETTE DE MONTVALLON After staying away from unlisted equity or bond investment funds for a long time, insurers turned around a few years ago. They now offer financial products in their contracts that invest in this universe not very accessible to the … Read more

Space Dust Solution: Instant Landing Pads Could Significantly Reduce Dust When Landing Spacecrafts

Space dust or also known as regolith could harm robots, which is a critical issue for future space missions. But Masten Space Systems, a California-based aerospace manufacturer startup company, has developed a technology that will reduce the problem of regolith while lunar landers land on the Moon’s surface. (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)Artist’s conception of Starship … Read more

Paul Lewis: “Musicians Are Leaving The UK, There Is No Other Solution”

Like many British artists, the pianist Paul Lewis is totally opposed to Brexit, to the point of having emigrated to Norway with his wife and three teenage children. “They will not be adults at all and the UK is not an option,” he says. And he warns that the musicians are leaving the country. “Many … Read more

Set For A Space Debut Is TriSept’s New Satellite Security Software Solution – SatNews

TriSept Corporation has developed an affordable, Linux-based, satellite software solution designed to provide hundreds of security controls aboard a broad range of commercial and government spacecraft. The TriSept Secure Embedded Linux (TSEL) operating system (YOU), capable of detecting, tracking and eliminating known and emerging vulnerabilities on conventional and smallsats, is undergoing a series of functional … Read more

Chiellini found the solution to stop the Messi-Mbappé-Neymar trio

Zapping Our Mondial EXCLUDED: Rayan Cherki’s “Little Brother” interview! The image had toured the planet. While Italy and Spain play a place in the Euro final, and the two captains advance towards the referee to find out who will start, Giorgio Chiellini arrives hilariously, facing a Jordi Alba with a closed face. A chamberlain, the … Read more

For Better Business Growth, Industrial Cybersecurity Solution Market Professional Survey, A One-Stop Guide For Growing Businesses

Global Industrial Cybersecurity Solution Industry Production, Sales and Consumption Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report 2021 The report titled “Global Industrial Cybersecurity Solution market” sheds significant light on both the global and local market spaces, as well as an in-depth analytical prospect. Furthermore, it seeks to add comprehensive knowledge of the global Industrial Cybersecurity … Read more