South Korea: debut of the Nuri launcher without a successful conclusion

The three-stage KSLV II rocket “Nuri” (translated from World) was launched from South Korea’s Naro space center in Goheung Province, less than 500 kilometers south of Seoul, at 5:00 p.m. local time (10:00 a.m. in Poland). The aim of the South Korean test was to place a dimensional-mass mock-up in orbit corresponding to a satellite … Read more

Rocket Report: South Korea just misses orbit, Ariane 5 to set payload records

Enlarge / The Orion spacecraft is stacked atop NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. Welcome to Edition 4.21 of the Rocket Report! Plenty of news this week across the realm of rockets, from a near-success in South Korea (better luck next time, Nuri rocket) to the long-awaited stacking of NASA’s Space Launch System vehicle. As always, … Read more

South Korea Launches First Homegrown Space Rocket

South Korea has launched its first space rocket to be completely developed and built in the country. But the rocket failed to successfully deploy a test satellite into orbit after its launch Thursday. South Korean television showed a live broadcast of the launch. The 47-meter rocket lifted off with bright yellow fire shooting from its … Read more

Critics and supporters come out in force to discuss SpaceX’s plans to launch from South Texas

This week, a vibrant mixture of supporters and critics voiced their opinions about SpaceX’s launch operations in Boca Chica, Texas during virtual town halls — input that will be considered as the government decides the company’s future in the state. More than one hundred people took the time to give their thoughts during the meetings … Read more

In South Africa, the gaping wounds of the “Phoenix massacre”

A Democratic Alliance (DA, opposition) sign saluting the “heroes” behind the October 6, 2021 Phoenix massacre. RAJESH JANTILAL / AFP Phoenix, about 25 km north of Durban, in Kwazulu-Natal: 180,000 inhabitants, mostly of Indian origin. On the hill opposite, Inanda, a black township. The place has everything of a small quiet town in South Africa: … Read more

A Newcastle case in South America? The Saudi prince would have a club in his sights

A Newcastle United fan waves the Saudi Arabian flag during a Premier League game. (Photo: Getty Images) The news of the approval of the FA for sale of Newcastle al Public Investment Fund (PIF) from Saudi Arabia revolutionized the world of football, especially in England. The club will have an injection of money greater than … Read more

“Squid Game”, or the reasons for the cardboard of a South Korean series with globalized discourse

The South Korean series recorded the best series start on the US platform Netflix. It is fast becoming the most popular in the history of the digital multinational. KIM HONG-JI / REUTERS Four hundred and fifty-six South Koreans, badly in debt and facing great social hardship, are crammed into an undisclosed location in an attempt … Read more

the Ridges of ‘South Séítah’ – NASA’s Mars Exploration Program

Perseverance Rover’s View of ‘South Séítah’​: Composed of 84 enhanced-color images, this mosaic features a rover’s-eye view of the ‘South Séítah’ geologic unit of Mars’ Jezero Crater. Download image › NASA’s Perseverance rover captures a geologic feature with details that offer clues to the area’s mysterious past. Ask any space explorer, and they’ll have a … Read more

6 Things That “The Squid Game” Shows About The Reality Of South Korea – BBC News World

1 hour “The squid game” (Squid Game), a gory drama from South Korea, has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. In early October it was the most watched series in 90 countries and its success is giving the world the idea that the Asian nation has a complex society. But aside from being a … Read more