Southpaw recorded a record for nostalgics and melancholics

After years, music workaholics Jiří Burian and Karel Havlíček rejoiced and recorded a new album by the band Southpaw with young blood behind their backs entitled “I’m Really Gonna Miss These Songs When I’m Dead”. Their fans will be pleased, not disappointed, but on the other hand they will not be surprised. 7/10 Southpaw – … Read more

Southpaw – We let it flow and we enjoy it

India Scene Revives – Southpaw returns with a new album. “We had to take a break because Southpaw’s life was overwhelmed before the breakup, we wanted to breathe.” says the author core Jiří Burian and Karel Havlíček. In the interview, however, we also talked about minimalism. © Southpaw For someone, your comeback is a wish. … Read more