Tweaking the Trajectory – NASA’s Europa Clipper

Every part of Europa Clipper’s flight path, or trajectory, is important – from launch in 2024 until end-of-mission in the mid-2030s. But the mission’s scientific target is Europa, so the most complex and demanding segment of the spacecraft’s trajectory is the three years when it performs repeated flybys of the moon. This part of the … Read more

NASA Looks to Solar to Power New Generation of Spacecraft

The American space agency NASA recently launched its DART spacecraft to test a method to defend Earth against threatening asteroids. NASA says the DART mission is also testing several new technologies. One of them is a propulsion system that gets power from the sun. The technology is called solar electric propulsion. Since the system uses … Read more

“SpaceX” rocket propulsion system fails – Elon Musk threatens bankruptcy – economy

Advocate SpaceX? Tesla boss and high-flyer Elon Musk (50) is angry about the lack of progress made by his space company “SpaceX” in the development of the “Raptor” engines that are supposed to power his Starship rockets. Musk described what he saw as the dramatic situation on the day after Thanksgiving in a circular to … Read more

SpaceX encapsulates NASA DART spacecraft for first interplanetary Falcon 9 launch

NASA says SpaceX has finished encapsulating its DART asteroid redirection spacecraft inside Falcon 9’s fairing and opened up its West Coast launch pad hangar to give VIPs and mission team members a tour of their rocket. Measuring 70m (230ft) tall, 550 metric tons (1.2M lb) fully fueled, and capable of producing more than 775 tons … Read more

SpaceX Rocket To Launch NASA Spacecraft From Vandenberg That Will Eventually Slam Into Asteroid – KCAL9 and CBS2 News, Sports, and Weather

Moorpark College Breaks Ground On $3.5 Million Bengal Tiger Habitat ExpansionThe two Bengal tigers who live at Moorpark College are getting a new, $3.5 million habitat. Katie Johnston reports. 2 hours ago Ports Of LA, Long Beach Delay Fines Again For Idling CargoThe ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach announced Monday that they are … Read more

NASA wants to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid, but don’t worry. Earth isn’t at risk.

Later this month, NASA will launch a mission to smack an asteroid into a new orbit to prepare for the possibility that an asteroid in the future might threaten Earth. But don’t worry, experts agree that there is no possibility that (even if it goes awry) this asteroid-smashing could threaten Earth. NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection … Read more

New Cheaper Spacecraft Fuel Now Being Tested! Here’s How It Can Enhance the Space Industry

A new cheaper spacecraft fuel is now in development. Experts claimed that this new power source could change the rising space industry, especially since various agencies and independent companies are active in out-of-this-world missions. (Photo : Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launches from Vandenberg Air Force Base carrying the SAOCOM 1A and … Read more

NASA’s Lucy spacecraft, built by Lockheed Martin, begins journey to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

Photo Credit, all images: Lockheed Martin Lucy, a composites-intensive spacecraft designed, built and tested in Lockheed Martin’s (Bethesda, Md., U.S.) Littleton, Colo., facility, was successfully launched by NASA (Washington, D.C., U.S.) from Cape Canaveral’s Space Force Station in Florida on Oct. 16 at 5.34 a.m. ET. The spacecraft is expected to unlock new knowledge about Jupiter’s Trojan … Read more

Stacking of Orion spacecraft caps assembly of first Artemis moon rocket – Spaceflight Now

The Orion spacecraft for the Artemis 1 mission is lowered on top of its Space Launch System rocket Oct. 20 inside High Bay 3 of the Vehicle Assembly Building. Credit: NASA/Frank Michaux Technicians at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center worked overnight Wednesday to tighten 360 bolts connecting the Orion spacecraft for the Artemis 1 moon mission … Read more

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test Spacecraft Arrives at Vandenberg Space Force Base

Inside a cleanroom at Johns Hopkins APL, the DART spacecraft being moved into a specialized shipping container that headed across the country to Vandenberg Space Force Base near Lompoc, California, where DART is scheduled to launch from late next month. (NASA Image) (NASA) – Just two days after leaving the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory … Read more