This SpaceX Render of Starship Separating with Super Heavy Booster is ‘Pretty Close’ to the Actual Thing Says Elon Musk

A SpaceX render of the Starship, and Super Heavy Booster rocket that is separating in midair has been released by a fan of the company, and it was regarded by Elon Musk as something accurate to the real one. The Starship venture still awaits its license to be passed by the regulating agency, the Federal … Read more

LOOK: SpaceX Super Heavy Moves to Orbital Launch Mount, Musk Calls it “Chop Stick”—Here’s How it Would be Caught

SpaceX Super Heavy has now moved to its “Orbital Launch Mount” and it is also known as the “Chop Stick.” The CEO and founder of the company referred to it like this because of the way it catches the spacecraft, as it also returns it to its booster mount in preparation for its next flight. … Read more

WATCH: This is How SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster Orbital Launch Tower is Made—Elon Musk Congratulates Team for Finishing

SpaceX’s Super Heavy Booster has an Orbital Launch Tower so that it may lift off and return to the surface as the company controls it, as it cannot land on drone ships. And while most people are interested in knowing how the rocket is built, a process on how its launch tower is built is … Read more

Elon Musk Says This SpaceX Super Heavy Raptor Engine Render is Very Accurate—Have You Seen It?

Elon Musk has noticed a SpaceX Super Heavy Booster render that showed the 33-engine configuration of the company, and said that it was “very accurate.” This highly signifies that the talented artist caught the embodiment of the Super Heavy’s Raptor engines before it can be shown to the public. The image also shows what people … Read more