For Love Or For Money: How To Watch Telemundo’s New Reality Series Online | Digital Trends Spanish

Telemundo premieres a new reality series and does so with the help of Puerto Rican actor Carlos Ponce, who has achieved great international recognition as a leading artist in film, television and the music industry. Is about For love or for money, a reality series that premieres on November 17 on Telemundo and in which … Read more

What Tech Companies Have Changed Their Names? | Digital Trends Spanish

There are multiple factors that define the success or failure of a product or brand. But one of the most relevant is the name. And changing it is an even more momentous decision, as it could be with Facebook Inc.But Mark Zuckerberg is not the only one who has followed this path, as evidenced by … Read more

Teenage riders pay with their lives for the Spanish passion for motorcycle racing

Minute of silence in homage to Dean Berta Viñales, during a MotoGP World Championship event, in Austin (Texas). GIGI SOLDANO / GIGI SOLDANO / DPPI / AFP “Fourteen is not an age to die. A whole life cut short… ” So reacted the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, on Twitter, when the young … Read more

Mikey García surprised, loses to Spanish Sandor Martín by majority decision

In one of the biggest upsets in boxing in recent memory, Spaniard Sandor Martin scored a majority decision victory over former four-division champion Mikey Garcia on Saturday in Fresno, California. Martín (39-2, 13 KOs) had never competed at the world level before; This was his first fight in the U.S. It was meant to be … Read more

The 10 Best Songs In History, According To The New Rolling Stone Ranking (and Which Is The First In Spanish) – BBC News Mundo

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Criticism of The Good Patron, the best Spanish film so far this year and a worthy representative at the Oscars

Criticism of The Good Pattern, the new film written and directed by Fernando León de Aranoa that will represent Spain in the next edition of the Oscars. Fernando Leon de Aranoa He is one of those filmmakers to celebrate: not only is he a brilliant and keen screenwriter, but he is also a solid actor … Read more

Steve Jobs: The Teachings He Left On Gates, Bezos, Musk And Zuckerberg | Digital Trends Spanish

Steve Jobs cannot be separated from the controversial personality he had, however, his inventive and innovative mind left a deep mark that is still admired by both locals and strangers. Current and old executives of major technology companies knew him and, in one way or another, learned from him. This selection brings together anecdotes and … Read more