Does Taylor Swift Deserve Her Most Powerful Woman Spot?

On the first step of the podium established by Fortune, we find Tim Cook, successor to Steve Jobs at the head of Apple. Then Mario Draghi, Italian economist and President of the European Central Bank. And in third place, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China. So when we see Taylor Swift in … Read more

Squid Game viewers spot details about Sae-byeok’s accent that you may have missed

6 October 2021, 16:57 If you’ve watched a dubbed version of the series, you might have missed the small but important detail of Sae-byeok’s character. Squid game‘s Kang Sae-byeok has become an absolute fan favorite among Netflix viewers. Sae-byeok’s popularity has even spread to social media with actress Jung Ho-yeon gaining more than 14 million … Read more

Candidates for a spot at the Oscar 2022 are being shown in Brazil

short Music Non Stop no Facebook The end of the year and with it the proximity of the cinema awards. Before the Oscar, the most anticipated award from the public, some others happen like the Golden Globe e Critics’ Choice Awards. That way, we managed to have a ‘thermometer’ and predict which films are the … Read more

Squid Game viewers spot an Easter egg in the first episode

WARNING: CONTAINS HUGE SPOILERS – ALTHOUGH YOU COULD LIKELY GUESS FROM THE TITLE Netflix viewers believe they spotted an Easter egg in the first episode of Squid Game, having only realized later in the series when they or they learn more about one of the characters. By now, you will undoubtedly have finished the series, … Read more

The new hotel pool that promises to become the new permanent spot

The new hot water pool that will be Instagram’s Portuguese Mecca It is a handcrafted pool, with a unique view over the Senhora da Graça hill, at Casa do Rio in Mondim de Basto. It opened in early November and quickly reached social networks — a speed that is already influencing visitor bookings, according to … Read more

in the blind spot of family legend

Aerial view of the Arnao factory (Asturias), from the family archives. ARCHIVES OF FREDDY LAMARCHE AND NICOLE LALOUX Children start by loving their parents. Then they judge them. Sometimes they forgive them ”, Oscar Wilde said. We could say from the fascinating hybrid book L’Asturienne that he deploys this dazzling aphorism again, a quarter of … Read more

On Monday 8:21 pm the Turismo della Sera returns with the first of a series of spot events

He kept company with thousands of insiders in the tourism sector for 20 consecutive weeks from last January to early June: 100 episodes, 110 guests and many topics addressed, with lightness and professionalism, at the very worst moment for the travel industry. The web talk 20:21 il Turismo della sera is back on the air … Read more

THIS WEEK @NASA: New Mission Launches to Monitor Earth’s Landscapes, Winds in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Are Speeding Up

latest happenings around nasa ABOVE VIDEO: A new Earth-observing mission launches to space, a move to make room aboard the space station, and some valuable space station science returns to Earth … a few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA! New Mission Launches to Monitor Earth’s Landscapes “And liftoff. … Read more

Jenifer “shocked”: why she made a scandal and threatened to leave The Voice on the spot?

This Saturday, October 2 is the start of the cross-battles in The Voice All-Stars. A particularly eagerly awaited moment which will put Jenifer’s nerves to the test. The historic coach will even threaten to leave the show. After the blind auditions, it’s now time for cross-battles! The Voice All Stars will get to the heart … Read more