Théâtre de l’Usine – When “The Voice” degenerates into “Squid Game”

– When “The Voice” degenerates into “Squid Game” Noémie Griess parodies reality TV by following four candidates desperate to win the “Star Local World Tour”. Be careful, the fun of the game is viral. Posted: 10/20/2021, 7:11 p.m. Giordano Rush as TV host, with Anissa Cadelli, Olivia Csiky Trnka, Judith Goudal and Julia Batinova as … Read more

a generational quarrel over the background of “Squid Game”

Currently, the South Korean TV series Squid Game is a hit. It must be said that the program portrays the society of this country in a way that seems to appeal to the youth. However, this series comes at a time when South Korea is facing a generational quarrel, and more generally, a class struggle. … Read more

New Zealand: “May the Squid Games begin”

Also not advisable in the pandemic: the traditional Maori nose salute. Image: USAF, public domain Corona model student New Zealand wants to relax restrictions, Maori particularly affected are outraged While the number of corona infections in Germany climbed to new heights of not quite 40,000 on Tuesday and Germany is again among the top ten … Read more

Critique / “Squid Game” season 1: why has this series created the event?

To share On November 9, Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed to thousands of fans that there will be a season 2 for Squid Game (squid game). It was therefore impossible for Bulles de Culture to escape any longer the interest aroused by this South Korean event series. So we have to binger to understand why we found … Read more

Apple disappoints with iPhone 13, violent Squid Game games inspire children, this is the recap ‘

A survey reveals that the iPhone 13 does not arouse the interest of users, children imitate the unhealthy games of the Squid Game series, Nvidia is currently testing Android 11 on its Shield TVs, this is the recap of the day. The iPhone 13 is not raising the crowds According to a SellCell survey conducted … Read more

After Squid Game, will Dr. Brain be the new Korean phenomenon Apple TV + version?

Apple TV + threw a trailer for Dr. Brain, a new South Korean series that should follow in the footsteps of Parasite. Foundation, For All Mankind, Little America… There is no shortage of quality entertainment on Apple TV +, even if the platform is somewhat jettisoned in the race for SVoD. However, it is in the Olympic … Read more

Sebastian Kurz, Zeynep Avci, a “real” “Squid Game”

#trending #trending number 962 – Monday, October 11, 2021 Jens Schröder – Illustration: Bertil Brahm Good Morning! “Seldom has a more intelligent book been at the top of the German bestseller list,” said Denis Scheck last night in “Hot off the press” about Hervé Le Tellier’s “Die Anomalie”, which aroused my curiosity. If you had … Read more

Is the “Squid Game” series offside?

This article contains spoilers for the first season of “Squid Game”. Series Squid Game, which launched on Netflix on September 17, was a resounding success. Its audience records can be explained by many reasons: its similarities with other films like Battle Royale Where Hunger Games, its aesthetic as fascinating as it is terrifying, its critical … Read more