Karel Gott started for Vladimír Mišík in the album chart, Ed Sheeran still rules the radio

The winners of the domestic rankings have not changed in the past week, but there have been numerous shifts behind them. On the radio, the leader Edu Sheeran is stepping on the heels of Duo Lip and Imagine Dragons, in the albums the soundtrack to the long-awaited film “Karel” took second place under Vladimír Mišík. … Read more

The 6th edition of Congress 590 has started

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021, the 6th edition of Congress 590 began under the slogan “New opportunities”. The event, one of the key economic events in the country, focuses on seven thematic areas: new state, new markets and sectors, demography, health, science together with the R&D sector and building a new image of Poland. Congress … Read more

Maneskin new single Mammamia is the title … the special pre save has started

Maneskin new single coming, the title is Mammamia. The wait is sky high and it would not be necessary to reiterate why, but let’s do it because it never hurts to remember the results of a band that, in less than a year, has literally conquered the international market. An Ep and two albums in … Read more

Who will create the concepts of space missions for POLSA? The tender competition has started

The Polish Space Agency has announced a tender competition for the implementation of the concept of space missions (combined with a feasibility assessment) with full or significant Polish involvement. This is the first of the announced series of such orders from POLSA – the concepts currently ordered are to relate to, among others: methods of … Read more

The 15 Years Of ‘El Hormiguero’: The Program That Started On The Radio And Today Is The Audience Leader

It was 2007. At that time, televisions were seen at 4: 3, Rafael Nadal was proclaimed champion of Roland Garros for the third consecutive year and The Hormiguero it went to the small screen with Marilyn Manson as the first guest. We review the 15 years what has been in broadcast The Hormiguero. 30 years … Read more

Jury Selection Category Jury Ambyar Awards Special 2021 Best, Started! : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Competent and expert parties in the world of mixed music as well as senior music observers who have been appointed as the jury, Wednesday 21 September 2021 held the judging for a number of categories of the 2021 Special Ambyar Awards, they were Bens Leo (Music Observer), Sruti (Artist) Campursari), Koko Thole ( … Read more

The Masterpieces Christopher Nolan Left Undone: All The Movies He Started But Fell By The Wayside

Christopher Nolan has grabbed a multitude of headlines because it has already decided that his next movie will revolve around the role it had J. Robert Oppenheimer developing the atomic bomb. It will be your first job away from warner in more than two decades, as Universal accepted your tough demands. At Espinof we wanted … Read more

SpaceX – “It was a crazy journey for all of us, but now things are really getting started”

Published19. September 2021, 09:38 After three days in space, the first space tourists from the US space company SpaceX have landed safely on earth again. 1 / 4 The rocket with the four space tourists takes off from the Kennedy Space Center. AFP The four passengers on board. AFP In a capsule it went back … Read more