the social detail is irrefutable proof

Now there is irrefutable proof. Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino are back together officially. Just as Antonello Venditti sang in “Amici Mai”, certain loves do not end, they make huge turns and then they return. And the love between Belen and Stefano is the emblem of one love story that … Read more

the new flame of Belen’s ex is a controversial protagonist of Beijing Express

Antonino Spinalbese has a new girlfriend. The story with Belen Rodriguez shipwrecked, shortly after the birth of their Luna Marì, the former hair stylist was at the center of gossip for months. The gossip column had joined him with several unconfirmed women but now Antonino seems to have found serenity with … Read more

«Today with Belen I am very happy. Emma? It’s a story that I remember fondly “

Maria De Filippi is his confidant: «I often compare myself with her. Before the big decisions of her I call her ». Emma Marrone «you are a beautiful person. Our history was a thing of youth that I remember with affection ». Belen? “We are back together. I think there is … Read more

“Money doesn’t interest me.” And the new flame emerges

Their story has been over for about a year, but the fruit of the love between Antonino Spinalbese and Belen Rodriguez has a name and a face and is called Luna Marì and dad has madly in love with her. «My daughter is my great love, she comes before everything, even … Read more

Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino together again? The social clue makes fans dream

Antonello Venditti in its “Never friendsHe spoke of certain loves that never end, make immense turns and then return. It is probably the love between Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino they might be experiencing such a love … an infinite love. The beautiful Argentine showgirl has revealed a few hours ago that she is … Read more

backfire? One detail does not escape

Christmas is near and gifts are starting to arrive even among the VIPs. Among the first to unwrap the gifts was Elisabetta Franchi who on the occasion of her birthday also anticipated the opening of the Christmas parcels. Among the gifts there was the one sent to her by Belen Rodriguez who paid homage to … Read more

“One day I hope to work with him”

Now known at pink chronicles and there Mediaset and Rai schedules, Stefano De Martino back to tell each other and, to do so, he chooses the talk show “S’è fare notte” by Maurizio Costanzo. In the episode of November 8, the ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez spoke above all of his son Santiago. Read also – … Read more

Belen Rodriguez reveals the messages of the ex after the birth of her daughter Luna Marì

Belen Rodriguez is enjoying the first few weeks with the daughter Luna Marì and the companion Antonino Spinalbanese. A month after the baby’s birth, they revealed some background in a long interview for the weekly Chi. The ex of the Argentine showgirl, including Stefano De Martino, sent her messages in private. Read also> Ivana Mrazova … Read more