Glyphosate takes a key step towards its re-authorization in Europe

In Sandillon (Loiret), May 26, 2022. THOMAS COEX / AFP Glyphosate has just taken a major step towards its re-authorization in the European Union. The European Chemicals Agency (EChA) released on Monday May 30 the conclusion of its assessment of the controversial herbicide – the most widely used synthetic pesticide in the world. As in … Read more

The 3 Steps to Summer challenge – third step: skincare – Anna Lewandowska

Hope you’ve already got to know our new challenge – Three Steps to Summer! Thanks to it, we will prepare for summer and take care of ourselves, not only in the context of the figure. I have prepared three elements for you, i.e. the title steps that will allow us to take care of our … Read more

Korea takes one small step for sci-fi, but is it a giant leap for local content?

Actor Bae Doo-na as doctor Song Ji-an, an astrobiologist and ethologist who is sent on a 24-hour mission to the moon to acquire a mysterious sample of “lunar water.” [NETFLIX] After the wave of attention that Netflix Korea’s “Squid Game” brought Korean content, it seemed that the industry could do no wrong. That is, until … Read more

The James-Webb Telescope’s heat shield deployed, a crucial step in the mission

This (undated) image released by NASA shows the James-Webb Telescope being prepared for launch. The U.S. space agency deployed the telescope’s sunshade on January 4, 2022. CHRIS GUNN / AFP On Tuesday, January 4, the James-Webb space telescope took a major step towards the success of its mission, with the full deployment of its heat … Read more

“The cake will be bigger for all”, FIFA takes another step towards the World Cup every two years

Gianni Infantino, en juin. KOEN VAN WEEL / AP From his long political career, Gianni Infantino has drawn a skill that borders on tightrope walking. King of dodging, the president of the International Football Federation (FIFA) is keen to move forward in a mask to endorse the great project of his mandate: the establishment of … Read more

the vaccine pass, “one more step to convince the French to be vaccinated”, welcomes the main pharmacy union

Philippe Besset, the president of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France, explained on Friday on franceinfo that he “will support” the establishment of a vaccination pass, to “encourage” the French to be vaccinated against Covid-19 . Article written by Posted the 12/17/2021 22:59 Reading time : 2 min. “It’s a step up in the … Read more

step back, from tomorrow the PCR or LFD tests are back, valid for only 48 hours

New change in Great Britain: from Tuesday 7 December at 4 am, all travelers, from any source, arriving at a British border, must have a PCR or LFD test carried out at source, with negative results with a maximum of 48 hours and not 72 as before. Until that day this test was not necessary … Read more

Europe takes a first step to improve the condition of the “working poor”

In a warehouse of the Aosom MH France company, in Mer (Loir-et-Cher), in April 2021. NICOLAS WIETRICH In the field of wages, it is an important agreement, and almost unexpected, that the European ministers of social affairs concluded on Monday 6 December. It should ultimately affect 25 million workers, according to the European Trade Union … Read more

Diego Valdés walks with a slow but firm step towards America

Sources confirmed to ESPN that the player will now have to settle the salary issue with the Americanists to seal a possible transfer; Valdés’ agents negotiate an improvement over what the Andean man earned in Santos Laguna MEXICO — Diego Valdes remains at this time as the player who is closest to becoming the first … Read more

SpaceX rocket launches with US astronauts – “Commercialization is exactly the right step” (archive)

It is a first for the space agency NASA, some even say it is a milestone. If the weather cooperates – and it currently looks like it – then this evening, Central European time, a manned commercial space mission will start for the first time from Cape Canaveral, the American spaceport. Both the Falcon rocket … Read more