The fight against harassment at work is stepping up

Office notebook. Marches against gender-based and sexual violence took place on Saturday, November 20 in several cities in France, organized by the feminist collective #NousToutes as part of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. In Europe, 60% of women (55% in France) say they have been victims during their career of … Read more

Around Taiwan, Beijing is stepping up its air force demonstrations

Chinese H-6K bombers, in a photo provided by China’s Xinhua News Agency, in 2017. WANG GUOSONG / AP All means, even the mildest, will be used by mainland China to obtain, according to President Xi Jinping’s formula, “Peaceful reunification” with democratic Taiwan. But in recent weeks, it is the air force of the People’s Liberation … Read more

Like Children Stepping On Puddles On A Rainy Day At Depedro’s Concert

Life is made of chance and of the things that one is grateful for. From there, the cocktail is endless and can even include pandemics that paralyze worlds. For this reason, when we travel again, to fill theaters or go to concerts, we feel the joy of children stepping on puddles on a rainy day. … Read more

Robert Downey Jr Is Definitely Stepping Away From Marvel

He has always been a highly respected figure in Hollywood, but his 2008 signing for Marvel Studios was life changing for Robert Downey Jr totally. Like the iconic Tony Stark, who would later become Iron Man, the actor catapulted himself to international fame and even became one of the favorite superheroes in the world’s most … Read more