Adele did not stop Viktor Sheen on her way to triumph in the Czech album charts

Dua Lipa continues to lead the domestic radio charts, but there was a duel of two significant innovations in the album standings. Viktor Sheen, whose music has enjoyed extraordinary popularity on streaming platforms for a long time, finally defeated the expected fourth studio film Adele with the recording “Stories and Dreams”. © Warner Music RADIO … Read more

Amouranth explains the conditions that must be met to stop creating content on Twitch and other platforms

Controversial streamer Amouranth is making sure she is not missing for anything when her retirement rolls around and has shared some of her plans for when she stops creating content on Twitch and other platforms. Be a public figure on social media and a content creator seems to lead to having to accept that fame … Read more

WWE Will Stop Broadcasting In Japan On J Sports After 25 Years

Sebastian Martinez Nov 25, 2021 at 09:54 Bad news keeps coming from WWE regarding Japan. In the last hours, J Sports, a sports satellite television channel produced and broadcast by Jupiter Sports, has communicated that on January 31, 2022 it will stop broadcasting Raw and SmackDown. “Notice of termination of the transmissions of ‘WWE Raw’ … Read more

Squid Game: stop everything, we have found the best derivative product

Good plan news Squid Game: stop everything, we have found the best derivative product Published on 10/26/2021 6:50 AM Who does not know the Funko Pop figures and their signature “bubblehead”? Who doesn’t know Squid Game, the hottest startup series of all time on Netflix? Here is the fusion between these two entertainment juggernauts. Zavvi … Read more

Blaxploitation: Films To Discover Black Protagonism In 1970s Cinema – Music Non Stop

short Music Non Stop no Facebook In the 1970s the movement was born Blaxploitation. So named by Junius Griffin, president from NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Coloured People), as a critique of the exploitation of black people on screen, the name ended up being used to designate productions made between the 1970s and … Read more

Billionaires like Branson should stop investing in Alabama until death penalty is gone

Back from touring space, billionaire Richard Branson made a lot of news last month concerning his new “Business Leaders Against the Death Penalty” campaign — announced with a declaration signed by more than 150 business leaders “calling for the end of the death penalty around the world and criticizing capital punishment for perpetuating inequality.” Signatories include fashion … Read more

EDF will stop cutting off electricity to individuals in the event of unpaid bills

The logo of the company Electricité de France (EDF) can be seen on the facade of the EDF headquarters in Paris, France on July 22, 2021. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / REUTERS Electricité de France (EDF) announced on Friday, November 12 that it would stop asking for electricity to be cut for its private customers with unpaid … Read more

And To All This, Why Did They Stop The Production Of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever It is one of the most anticipated films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of the moment, but also one or another little problem regarding its realization. Now, the project faces a change of plans again. According to what it reports The Hollywood Reporter, the production of this tape has had to … Read more

Editorial – Kraftwerk Consolidates His Sympathetic Arrogance By Finally Entering The Rock’n’roll Hall Of Fame – Music Non Stop

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Asked what he thought about the fact that skateboarding was accepted as an Olympic sport, the superstar on the wheels Tony Alva replied: “they need us more than we need them”. Fact. A sport that organized and solidified itself, after fighting for decades against prejudice, and turned into a … Read more