Unlike its competitors, Zara is expanding its stores in France

In Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), March 25, 2021. LOIC VENANCE / AFP C&A closes two of its three stores in Paris, rue de Rivoli and boulevard Haussmann. San Marina and Minelli are also reducing their fleet in France, according to information from the Fashion Network site. “Fifty of the 220 San Marina stores are affected and 15 … Read more

They left their jobs to make their hobby their way of life: they already have two stores and will open another in Miami

The history of the burger Burger Couple is, in a way, Victor (32) y Dana (30), their mentors. And it is also as brief as it is intense. In less than three and a half years, they created an Instagram account to review food places, they started cooking in the patio of their house, they … Read more

Two Franprix stores reportedly continued sales of Buitoni pizzas affected by massive recall

Two stores of the Franprix brand continued to sell pizzas from the Fraich’Up range of Buitoni, yet affected by a product withdrawal procedure for more than three months, RMC revealed on Tuesday June 14. After the revelations, the group reacted by assuring “recheck within 48 hours” all of its stores. This is Richard Legrand, a … Read more

Inflation Leads Shoppers to Discount Stores: 4 Stocks to Watch

Rising inflation across a range of products is pinching consumers’ pockets, who are now flocking to discount stores to cope with the same. Well, the strategy to sell products at discounted prices has helped industry players draw customers, who have been seeking both value and convenience amid rising prices. The consumer price index rose 0.8% … Read more

Faced with a “vocation crisis”, clothing stores are struggling to recruit

A Zara store, in Paris, in May 2020. THOMAS COEX / AFP A glance at the Indeed search engine is enough to grasp the magnitude of the crisis. Dozens of job offers are available online for sales positions in Ile-de-France. Louis Vuitton, Petit Bateau, Primark, Maje, Fleux, Nike and other Etam seek to fill sales … Read more

The store’s D system to cope with supply difficulties

In front of an Ikea store, in Saint-Herblain (Loire-Atlantique), January 13, 2021. LOIC VENANCE / AFP “Every day, the teams from our logistics department look at container by container what is going to be loaded or not. “ At the headquarters of the Pylones network of stores specializing in decorative objects to offer, Jacques Guillemet, … Read more

“Between factories and stores, maritime transport is likely to be the weak link in the distribution circuit in the coming months”

The container ship “Marco-Polo” of the French CMA-CGM, near New York, May 20, 2021. TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP Pertes & profits. Will there be toys at Christmas? Chinese manufacturers are busy and traders are ready to display them on their shelves. But between factories and stores, maritime transport is likely to be the weak … Read more

Galeries Lafayette becomes affiliated with eleven provincial stores

Three years after having ceded the management of 22 stores to Financière Immobilière Bordelaise (FIB), the Galeries Lafayette group is again opting for this disposal system in the hope of relaunching its French stock, shaken by the health crisis. On August 25, he announced that he had initiated an affiliation project involving eleven new points … Read more