Exhibition tells curious and rare stories about art on record covers

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Did you know that the most important photo ever printed on a record cover, The Clash’s famous London Calling, is hated by its photographer to the point that she insists it never be used? Or that the banana on the front of the Velvet Underground record, created by Andy … Read more

Second Corona record: Taylor Swift tells even more great folk stories

Taylor Swift released her second album in the corona pandemic. It’s an album with a lot of great stories that she put musically well into. US superstar Taylor Swift (31) just couldn’t stop writing songs in 2020. © dpa / AP / Invision / Evan Agostini Despite the short span of time, “Evermore” also turned … Read more

Undertake Trome | La Candelera: “I invested my CTS in a hobby that I always liked” | EMPRENDE-TROME

Undertake Trome| Home businesses increased during the months of confinement, as many people looked for different alternatives to entertain themselves and make this confinement more bearable. In the midst of the pandemic, Karina Espinosa, a marketing expert who left the financial world to invest her CTS and create her own brand of decorative candles ‘La … Read more

Instagram stories. Carolina Deslandes complains about the Hot Five bar, in Porto, where her suitcase was stolen – Observador

Thank you for being our subscriber. Benefit from intrusive advertising-free browsing. It was the first concert by Irma, singer and friend of Carolina Deslandes, in Porto, where she was going to present her debut album Primavera. It is with the singer, already acting on stage, that the video begins, shared on the stories from Carolina’s … Read more

In Nantes, the victims deliver their painful stories to the Commission on incest and sexual violence against children

Edouard Durand and Nathalie Mathieu, co-presidents of Ciivise, during the first public meeting organized, in Nantes, on October 20, 2021. THOMAS LOUAPRE / DIVERGENCE FOR “THE WORLD” There is the one who hardly utters a few words and whose voice breaks into a sob. The one who “Does not need a microphone” because she speaks … Read more

Images of diverse families are essential for telling stories about balanced living, says Getty Images research

Many popular visuals focus on work and lifestyle images, but the balance can be wrong for Brazilians – especially for those from lower income levels. Balancing work and personal life is a main desire of Brazilian consumers, but instead of prioritizing hobbies or creative outings outside of work, Brazilians tend to favor family time. Among … Read more

Madeleine McCann: German prosecutors are “100% sure” who killed the girl | Christian Brueckner | EC Stories | WORLD

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said investigators are “100% sure” that Christian Brueckner is the killer of Madeleine McCann, the girl who disappeared in 2007 in Portugal when she was three years old. “We are sure that we have the man who kidnapped and killed her,” said the magistrate about the main suspect in dialogue … Read more

Film Stories: When Clint Eastwood, Ingrid Bergman And John Goodman Spoke ‘Albacete’

Journalist Jose Fidel Lopez pick up in www.cuentosdecine.es some of the most popular names in the world of dubbing in Spain. Three actors who share their origin from Albacete. “The war on the ‘doubles’ has to continue fiercely if one wants to obtain a greater purity in the cinema”. It can be thought that this … Read more

Samuel L. Jackson: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Quentin Tarantino: Surprising Stories You Didn’t Know of the Highest-Grossing Actor in History

He is the highest grossing actor in history worldwide. These days, Harrison Ford has taken that title from him, but only in the US, with the colossal success of The awakening of the force. The funny thing is that our man, Samuel L. Jackson (Washington, 67 years old), is almost never the protagonist of his … Read more

Five Stories to Watch in the 2021 WNBA Playoffs – Celebs.Cool

After an exciting Regular Phase where equality has been maximum in the middle zone of the WNBA, we have finally reached the most important moment of the course: the playoffs. A final phase for the championship of the 2021 course marked by the stoppage of the Olympic Games. The playoffs will begin on the night … Read more