Ade Fitrie Kirana: Drugs Are Not Stress Reliever Among Artists : Okezone Celebrity

LOTS Drug cases among artists make the beautiful soap opera actress Ade Fitrie Kirana sad. Since the end of 2021, many artists have been caught in drug cases by the police. Recently, actor and musician Ardito Pramono was arrested by the police for consuming marijuana. Not long after, comic Fico Fachriza was also arrested for … Read more

Stress test for Mechazilla: Huge rocket gripper at SpaceX practices with water bags

On the SpaceX test site in Boca Chica, Texas, a bizarre spectacle could be observed over the past few days: the robotic arm catch mechanism for future Starship rocket stages had to survive its first major stress test. To do this, “Mechazilla”, as SpaceX boss Elon Musk christened the system in reference to the monster … Read more

It’s called stress having a doll ‘child’, Ivan Gunawan: No, I’m still aware of it: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Ivan Gunawan admitted that many were wondering about his sanity after claiming to have two children named, Miracel and Marvelous. The two sons are known to be porcelain dolls that resemble babies. Nevertheless, Ivan Gunawan confessed to Boy William, he was aware of his actions. She doesn’t seem to care what people think of … Read more

How to deal with anxiety and stress caused by unemployment?

Anxiety can hamper your job search Photo: Shutterstock / Finance and Entrepreneurship Recently, the IBGE released data referring to the second quarter of 2021 which indicated that unemployment in the country declined. Even so, the survey shows that 14.4 million Brazilians are unemployed. For those looking for a professional replacement, the end of the year … Read more

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps reduce stress – Anna Lewandowska

As it has been known for a long time, a properly balanced diet has a huge impact on our everyday life and well-being, and long-term exposure to stressors can cause many health problems (as you can read about HERE). In addition to the methods of coping with stress known to you (HERE), it turns out … Read more

Broken-Heart-Syndrom: Wenn Stress das Herz versagen lässt

VonJuliane Gutmann schließen Stress kann herzinfarktähnliche Beschwerden auslösen: Woran Sie das Broken-Heart-Syndrom erkennen und welche Ursachen möglich sind. Die Corona-Pandemie hat dem einen mehr, dem anderen weniger abverlangt. Wer einen systemrelevanten Beruf hat und ohnehin gerne Zeit zu Hause verbringt, zählt zu letzteren. Doch für viele Menschen hat die Corona-Zeit vor allem eines bedeutet: Stress. … Read more

“It is not too late to take charge of post-traumatic stress disorder”

Psychiatrist Thierry Baubet, November 8, 2018, in Paris. LIONEL BONAVENTURE / AFP For several weeks, and until the end of October at the earliest, the Assize Court of the Paris Court of Appeal will hear the testimony of hundreds of traumatized and injured people, relatives of victims who died during the attacks of November 13, … Read more

Lonely Job, Marion Jola Crying to Stress : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Marion Jola apparently also feels the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in business matters. The 21-year-old singer bluntly admits that she has had no job in the last few months. The singer, who is familiarly called Lala, admitted that she never got a gig schedule for 3 months. Because of that, Lala was forced … Read more

The Stress of Facing Sexual Harassment Cases, Gofar Hilman: The Public Corned Me : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Gofar Hilman was dragged into a sexual harassment case. This case was revealed by the Twitter account @quweenjojo, which came to the fore. Through his Instagram Story account, Gofar Hilman seems to believe that he is innocent of the case. In fact, he asserted that he would prove that all the accusations leveled … Read more

Ashwagandha – Your ally in the fight against stress – Anna Lewandowska

Nowadays, a fast lifestyle, fatigue and stress are common problems that accompany most of us. Long-term stress can lead to unfavorable changes in our body, as well as many diseases and conditions, including migraines, insomnia and obesity. It is worth knowing effective methods of dealing with it to make our everyday life a little easier. … Read more