For The Callisto Protocol, Striking Distance has seen real examples of gore

It seems that the matter with The Callisto Protocol is going to bring a tail, especially since the developers at Striking Distance they have seen real examples of gore and horror to be inspired to create the most gruesome scenes. So the game could draw attention to the bloody scenes by looking at this type … Read more

In Morocco, on the El Hank peninsula, two worlds coexist, in a striking postcard of social inequalities

By Aurélie Collas Posted today at 01:13 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageOn one side, a row of chic restaurants and beautiful villas, on the other, a shanty town. On the Casablanca seafront, no one is surprised by this great social gap, unchanged for decades. It is a peninsula in the middle of the Casablanca seafront. … Read more

The Striking Origin Of Some Prestigious Brands

Starbucks, Lego, Asics, Google, Hotmail, VolskWagen, Yahoo, Coca-Cola, among many others, are brands that we ever hear named. We do not necessarily know its origin, although many people from all over the planet they know the area for which they have transcended. Individuals of different ages, and from anywhere in the world, have at least … Read more

Before the semi-final of the League of Nations, return to the five most striking France-Belgium

1. The starting point: Belgium-France (3-3), May 1, 1904 The first confrontation between the two neighboring nations dates back more than 117 years. It is also the first match played in the history of the two selections, and more generally the first international football match, outside the British Isles. The two teams compete in Uccle, … Read more

The Striking Request Of A Mother To A Father From The School WhatsApp Group For His Profile Picture | New Dairy

In recent times, captures of group or individual conversations have become viral due to unusual situations that users of social networks cannot believe are happening. Before the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), WhatsApp groups of parents with children in school already existed. However, its use intensified when quarantines and strict confinements were implemented worldwide and the instant … Read more

Lionel Messi joins PSG after striking deal with Paris club

Very moved, Lionel Messi said his farewell to Barça during a press conference on Sunday August 8. PAU BARRENA / AFP After his farewell to FC Barcelona, ​​Sunday August 8, the point of fall of Lionel Messi is now confirmed: it will be Paris-Saint-Germain, who succeeds a sensational blow. According to a source close to … Read more

Wildfire smoke spreads across US in striking images from space

Black carbon particulates from wildfires spreads eastward across the U.S. in this image captured July 21, 2021. (Image credit: Joshua Stevens/NASA Earth Observatory) NASA has released striking satellite images of wildfire smoke clouds covering vast swaths of the U.S., from the West Coast all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. NASA’s Earth Observatory released the … Read more