In Bentonville, the Walton family models their Arkansas stronghold with millions of dollars

The first Walmart store, founded by Sam Walton, now transformed into a museum to his glory, in Bentonville (Arkansas), in May 2018. RICK T. WILKING / GETTY IMAGES / AFP In early September 2021, at the top of the magazine’s annual list of 400 billionaires Forbes, were the “Usual suspects” : Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Elon … Read more

In Venezuela, the opposition mobilizes after the cancellation of the election in the stronghold of Chavez

Venezuelan opposition leaders Juan Guaido and Freddy Superlano, among crowds of demonstrators, in Barinas, December 4, 2021. ARIANA CUBILLOS / AP A thousand demonstrators gathered on Saturday, December 4, in the Venezuelan state of Barinas, stronghold of former President Hugo Chavez, to protest against the Supreme Court’s decision to order a new election of the … Read more

Afghanistan. Taliban attack Panshir, the last stronghold to stand

“The Taliban have carried out, since last night, from the west of Panshir, several attacks against our troops, but they have all been repulsed”, said today, in a statement, Fahim Dashti, spokesman for what is known as the Panjhir National Resistance Front, formed by the troops and the regional government. During the attacks, the Taliban … Read more