South Korea: debut of the Nuri launcher without a successful conclusion

The three-stage KSLV II rocket “Nuri” (translated from World) was launched from South Korea’s Naro space center in Goheung Province, less than 500 kilometers south of Seoul, at 5:00 p.m. local time (10:00 a.m. in Poland). The aim of the South Korean test was to place a dimensional-mass mock-up in orbit corresponding to a satellite … Read more

Review | Dune Is A Successful Adaptation That Many Of Us Think They Could Never Make – La Tercera

Put the cards on the table, an adaptation of Dune it seemed to be doomed in handover. Not only because of the existing experience from the work that David Lynch did in the eighties, or the subsequent television miniseries that still has its handful of defenders, but also because of the very tenor of Frank … Read more

The Czech premiere of Caroline Shaw and the Attacca Quartet was extremely successful

The American composer and youngest Pulitzer Prize winner for music, Caroline Shaw, presented herself at the Strings of Autumn festival in Prague and invited the Attacca Quartet to help. During a nearly two-hour concert, they proved together why some of them declared it the future of music. Live: Caroline Shaw & Attacca Quartet place: DOX … Read more

In Marmande, the successful takeover of a “small metal boss”

By Audrey Tonnelier and Ugo Amez Posted today at 03:30 Reserved for our subscribers Fragments of FranceEight years ago, Alain Bonnet took over Meca d’Aquitaine, a small steel tube processing plant in Lot-et-Garonne. Responsible for 17 employees, he keeps pace with orders, hires and changes in the profession. “Five thousand parts, twelve minutes of welding … Read more

William Shatner, Captain Kirk of “Star Trek”, Has Successful His First Space Flight

Blue Origin’s rocket takes off in Texas on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. MIKE BLAKE / REUTERS For the second time, a Blue Origin rocket successfully flew into space with passengers on board, Wednesday, October 13, from Texas, United States. The experiment lasted only eleven minutes. American billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Blue Origin, took part … Read more

Woody Harrelson: A Difficult Childhood, A Murderous Father And A Successful Career In Hollywood

Woody Harrelson negotiates to be part of the Star Wars universe It is not easy to escape from labels, but escaping from them, many interpreters manage to endure in Hollywood. AND Woody Harrelson is a good example of that. The actor who premieres the film Venom 2: Carnage released, He knew how to build a … Read more

Criticism of the successful South Korean series on Netflix

Photo from the series Squid Game (c) Netflix To our shame, we initially overlooked the South Korean survival game show Squid Game, probably the most popular series of the year. Here’s our belated season review of the Netflix hit that conquered the internet. Netflix may have long been one of the established top dogs in … Read more

“Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone” Celebrates 20 Years Of Premiere: The Present Of Ten Actors Who Were Part Of The Successful Saga

According to the criteria of Know more The saga of Harry Potter not only gave its creator JK Rowling the title of one of the hundred most influential women of the last century according to ‘Times’. The huge success that accompanied the seven films about the world’s most famous boy wizard also launched its cast … Read more

SpaceX Capsule Completes Successful Orbit – The Cowl

On Saturday, Sept. 18, “SpaceX” and, more specifically, Elon Musk opened our eyes to an era of commercialized space tourism. Musk’s “SpaceX Dragon” Capsule carried a crew to space without an astronaut onboard for the first time in history. These four space travelers landed after a complete orbit around the globe. This success in space … Read more