“Suddenly, shareholders are wondering if it would be fair to see the bosses bask in paradise, when they are heading for hell”

The boss of the American bank JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, on June 29, 2021, in Paris. MICHEL EULER / AFP CIt’s always good to know you’re loved. Especially when this love is very expensive. To justify the extraordinary bonus of 52 million dollars (49.4 million euros), in addition to his salary of more than 30 … Read more

Coming to Cross Check! iNews TV, Wika Salim Suddenly Wants to Change Name : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA– Dangdut singer Wika Salim suddenly want to change name when present at the event Cross Check! on iNews TV, Monday (17/1/2022). At first Jarwo Strong seemed to want to shake the sword’s hand. Seeing his colleague’s behavior, Denny Cagur immediately reprimanded him. “What are you doing?!” said Denny Cagur quoted from the show Cross … Read more

MrBeasts Squid Game: candidate suddenly star – she is adored on the net

Red light … green light fromPeer Schmidt shut down The remake of Squid Games on the Youtube Channel by MrBeast is bearing fruit. A candidate is currently becoming a star. Update from 11/29/2021: The Squid Game remake by MrBeast cracked 100 million video views this weekend. Jimmy Donaldson’s subscribers are also going through the roof. … Read more

I started to feel frankly excluded, suddenly I watched “Squid Game”

Reading time: 4 min Welcome in Anaïs watches TV. The principle of this weekly column is simple: its author is called Anaïs Bordages and sometimes she watches TV. I’m not going to lie to you: lately, Netflix has mostly become the platform for stuff I watch tipsy at 3am instead of going to sleep. Even … Read more

Suddenly claims that they do not sell natural sweets – Food Pharmacy

In an open letter to natural candy companies, I wondered last week why they continue to sell ordinary sweets as “natural sweets”. Namely, they have been ordered to remove all ordinary sweets from the natural candy shelf. In a reply to me, Exotic Snacks now unexpectedly means that they do not define their range as … Read more

Suddenly …: Spahn speaks of the end of the Corona in spring – domestic politics

At once…? Shortly before the federal election, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (41, CDU) suddenly spoke of the end of the pandemic. But he names a distant point in time! Spahn expects herd immunity to the corona virus in the coming spring – and thus an end to the one and a half year corona … Read more

Story of Charly Van Houten Accused of Pesugihan: Suddenly There’s Money in ATM : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA- Former vocalist of ST12, Charlie Van Houten admitted that he had been accused of committing pesugihan. He shared this when he was a guest star on the ASIX Chat podcast with Anang Hermansyah. according to Charlie Van Houten The accusation arose because he often suddenly got money, even though at first he didn’t have … Read more

Still love: When a deep friendship suddenly turns into love

Julia loves Alexander and Alexander loves Julia. They were best friends more than a year ago. The pandemic exposed what was always there. SN/stephanie rausch Julia found her best friend eight years ago in Alexander. Now they are in a happy relationship. What comes before love Secret interest, a spark that leaps over while the … Read more